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Welcome to the Audiophile Club of Athens!


Radioswiss Jazz & Classical Radio HD 96kbps streaming

ACA is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to music and its most accurate reproduction. It was founded in Athens-Greece (May 1998) by a team of enthusiasts who were seeking their personal “Nirvana” by searching and listening to the highest quality recordings and music, played on equipment which could bring life to recordings that otherwise could not be fully appreciated as such.

Astounding sound reproduction technology!

High End Audio is about how well music is reproduced. It is a common misconception that the term high-end is a synonym to high-priced. Well, exceptional things have their price - but when WE hear high-end we always think of high performance!


The unspoken language of the human soul...

According to Wikipedia, the word music derives from the Ancient Greek word μουσική (mousike), meaning the art of Muses, the nine goddesses who inspire the creation of literature and arts. Regardless of its root, we think of music as the unspoken language of the human soul.


To know us better...

We like to gather info and learn from each other, exchange ideas and share our musical findings. We publish our systems and meet at our homes in turn, where everyone has a chance to listen and judge for himself. Things like that make our society so bonded and unique.

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