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Stereophile Apr 2023


1st Edition

Recommended Components 2023 Edition
Every product listed here has been reviewed in Stereophile. Everything on the list, regardless of rating, is genuinely recommendable.

Punk Rock's Wild Gift
This month's music feature, by Mike Mettler, is an interview with John Doe, best known as cofounder, in 1977, of the legendary punk band X. During X's long recording career, Doe's urgent voice has offset the starkly contrasting voice of co-lead vocalist (and songwriting partner) Exene Cervenka, who was Doe's girlfriend before she joined the band; it's one of the most recognizable sounds in punk.

NAD C 3050 LE BluOS streaming integrated amplifier
Although NAD was founded in England in 1972 as New Acoustic Dimension, my introduction to the brand was in 1980. I bought an NAD 3020 integrated amplifier after hearing it successfully drive Acoustic Research's current-hungry AR9 loudspeakers.

Mojo Mystique X SE D/A processor
When I survey the realms of fancy-pants audio, the first thing I notice are cohorts of luxury-brand manufacturers selling pride of ownership with emblematic faceplates.

The Beatles Reanimated: The Giles Martin Revolver Remix
On a warm day in September 2022, alongside 40 or so press colleagues, I was treated to an advance demonstration of the Dolby Atmos mix of The Beatles' Revolver, at Republic Studios on Broadway In New York City's midtown.

Montreal Audio Fest 2023: Final observations
Finally, it snowed during the weekend of the show, on Saturday, which was disappointing. It meant I wasn't in an alternate 'verse of the multiverse after all and, consequently, I wasn't Alternate Rob with a half-million-dollar hi-fi waiting at home.

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