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A few words about our exclusive club...

Estia 2006 ACA is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to music and its most accurate reproduction. It was founded in May 1998, in Athens-Greece, by a team of enthusiasts who were seeking their personal “Nirvana” by finding and listening to the highest quality recordings and music, played on equipment which could bring life to recordings which otherwise cannot be appreciate as such.

Once upon a time...

BD Meeting FEB 2002 Back in May 1998 a handful of audio and music enthusiasts, trying to find a way to share their passion for high quality reproduction of music, decided to make a club in order to formalize the occasional and random meetings in High-end dealers show rooms.

The pioneers of this idea were Thanasis Moraitis and Christos Skaloumbakas and the founding members of the Audiophile Club of Athens were Tasos Syrigos, Lambros Valleras, Stelios Mitsionis, Christos Skaloumbakas, and Andreas Veronis. Most of which are together even today under the auspices of ACA.

The following years of experimentation and hard work on all fronts led amongst others to the creation of, one of the most visited sites in Greece by the audiophile community, with audio and music articles, special reports from our monthly meetings, members' systems directory, industry news and an active forum.

BD Meeting JUNE 2002BD Meeting 2005BD Meeting 2006BD Meeting 2008

Express 2008The Audiophile club of Athens, constantly participates in High End shows, including live musical events and also is an active part of the local manufacturer's community when it comes to testing new components and sharing new innovative ideas. ACA will go on to acknowledge the importance of creativity and innovation by organizing special events to award the Greek top audio manufacturers.

A great example of our unique thinking is the, worldwide known amongst high end enthousiasts, documentary Greek Audiophile directed by Ken Barnes we produced, that presents ACAs' view regarding our hobby and the way high end culture has changed our lives.

Present status

2011 Board of Directors It is a privilege and honor to be an ACA member since it represents the essence of our hobby and our goal is that everyone who visits our site will learn something new and will be fascinated by the amazing world of high end audio reproduction.The events we organize include monthly audio and musical meetings in our members premises, joined meetings with ECM and Jazz&jazz magazine every few months and various musical and audiophile concerts.

Our vision is to give to both the young people of ipod generation and the older music lovers the chance to discover a new world, the amazing world of life like musical reproduction also known as High End Audio.

As Greeks we are pioneers of acoustics by being the first to create, in ancient times, a stadium with excellent acoustic, still unrivaled.

Most of our components are made from famous international or Greek manufacturers but recently we have with us a rapidly growing and very highly devoted Do It Yourself (DIY) team that is started creating amplifiers and dacs and ended up creating from scratch turntables and tonearms !!

So, if one was to be asked, what is the status of High End in Greece, the answer would be quite simple. We engage the music, as we do our life. With warmth, with passion, with hospitality and with respect.

Looking into our future...

Domain Logo A wise man once asked to state one thing that, when shared amongst the people, increases rather than diminishes. His answer was that the only thing that grows by sharing is knowledge.

We want to share our passion for well reproduced music and our experience with audiophiles around the world. We believe that by doing so not only does each one of us gains from the experience but that our common hobby will gather strength and dynamism.

Certainly, we look forward to accepting more members in our Club in Greece and promoting local events connected with music and its life-like reproduction. This of course requires the physical presence of the members. However, we believe that through the internet we can also reach out to many others around the globe.

We are looking to promote interactive events through the web where fellow members and associated audio clubs can participate in our activities and meetings not only via chat forums but also via live digital broadcasts with HD quality content.


The Audiophile Club of Athens


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