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AnalogPlanet Mar 2023


1st Edition

Rush to Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Signals With Multiple Editions, Including a Super Deluxe Box Set With 180g 1LP and Four 7-Inch Singles and a Separate 180g 1LP Picture Disc, on April 28
The countdown is on! Rush will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their ninth studio album Signals with a smattering of special releases, including a super deluxe box set with 180g 1LP black vinyl and four 7-inch singles, along with a separate 180g 1LP picture disc, on April 28 via Anthem/UMe.

Brad Mehldau Meets The Beatles on Your Mother Should Know, a Live 140g 1LP of Fine Fab Four Reinterpretations (And One David Bowie Cover Too)
Jazz pianist Brad Mehldau launched onto the jazz scene in the 1990s, and he quickly made his mark as one of the more important modern-day jazz pianists of our times. With one foot in the future delivering fresh, innovative ideas and another steeped in the great traditions of the giants before him, Mehldau continues to intrigue and inspire me as a listener.

Hana Umami Blue Moving-Coil Cartridge
Hana is helping to kick off the month of March in the exact right way by announcing their new Umami Blue cartridge, which follows in the fine moving-coil footsteps (so to speak) of their vaunted Umami cartridge series.

Audio-Technica Limited-Edition AT-LP2022 Turntable
Audio-Technica has been duly celebrating their 60th anniversary for the balance of the past year, and we would be remiss if we let another week go by without highlighting one of the fine limited-edition products they've introduced in celebration of that milestone -- namely, the AT-LP2022 turntable that sports quite the striking transparent clear-acrylic chassis.

MM PRO Phono Preamp by Michael Fidler and Classic Audio
Michael Fidler and Classic Audio are synonymous with making quality phono preamps a.k.a. phono stages, depending on your nomenclature preferences as the company's respective PRO and Spartan series can readily attest. Fidler's latest offering, the MM PRO, is ready for system-integration duty regardless of which side of the Pond you reside.

Pathos In The Groove MM/MC Phono Preamp
We're always on the lookout for good if not certainly great phono preamps to get our hands on to review here for the AnalogPlanet faithful. Since I had recently reviewed the Pathos InPol Remix MkII integrated amplifier for our sister site Stereophile, I was intrigued to see if the company's latest iteration of the Pathos In The Groove phono preamp might be worthy of our attention.

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