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D Douglas & B Younger - Force Majeure

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A collection of highlights from the legendary NYC lockdown livestream brunch sessions of harpist Brandee Younger and bassist Dezron Douglas

Grammy Awarded Force Majeure is an uplifting suite of real, soulful comfort music – an album that cathartically encapsulates an all-too-familiar human experience of 2020. Featuring 11 pieces performed by bassist Dezron Douglas & harpist Brandee Younger across a series of live-streamed shows from their living room in Harlem, NY, the album was self-recorded by the duo using just a single microphone.

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The same day Governor Andrew Cuomo shut down “non-essential” businesses throughout the state of New York, Douglas & Younger set up a window to the world that would prevail as a weekly musical reprieve over the devastating weeks and months to come. As the early effects of covid-19 plagued the citizens of New York City, Douglas & Younger did as we were all ordered to do — shelter-in-place. From their apartment in Harlem, their reflex as players and community-builders was immediate.

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Broadcasting via social media and spreading the word to friends and family, the duo hosted “Force Majeure: Brunch in the Crib with Brandee & Dezron,” a Friday morning live stream where they performed songs, said “hi” to friends tuning in, and passed a digital tip jar. The name “force majeure” — known to diligent contract-readers as a seldom-invoked bit of legalese that voids commitments in event of...


released December 4, 2020
All music arranged by Brandee Younger & Dezron Douglas;
except "Inshallah" arranged by Dezron Douglas.
Dezron Douglas - double bass, bass guitar, voice
Brandee Younger - harp, voice
Recorded between March and June, 2020, at Dezron & Brandee's apartment in Harlem, New York.

Engineered by Brandee Younger.
Remote Recording Assistance by David Allen.
Edited & Sequenced by Scott McNiece.
Mixed & Mastered by Dave Vettraino.
Cover Art by Esther Sibiude.
Design & Layout by Craig Hansen.



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