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Nina Hagen ‘UNBEHAGEN’


Hey, do you miss me when the nights are long and cold?
Do you dream of me in a black haze of nostalgia?

Nina’s voice is like a tool, not only for singing but also for looking inside, touch, walk and feel... That distinct voice that she can treat and use as she likes..

Nina's voice is a datum, like those wizards and clowns we see in circus who make their tricks with the flames and knifes.. Those tricks that they have done one million times before and simply cannot do something wrong, even if some time they want to.. Nina is one of those clowns, serving us with her voice and soul for our joy...

But I, I, I, I, I, I am your nightmare
I come, I come at the break of dawn to give you a withering look
I'm after you and you won't escape me,
by night I turn you into an assassin, a traitor
I drive the sweat from your smooth brow deep down into your brain

Nina_Hagen_clr Nina made two critical faults... that were lifetime choices for herself.. She always does those faults continuously till now, while enjoying them… First thing first she sings most of times in her mama’s language German... Secondly, she did not walk the easy pop and mainstream way, even if she deserved this due to her magical voice and her beauty of appearance...

Strict Rock and Melody Punk, rocking and rolling like the lord Johnny Lyndon Rotten, who always used to admiring her and also hating her boyfriend Herman Brood... An absolutely handsome and talented punk guy...

Madonna, Shakira, Katy, Adele, Rihanna, Lady... bow your necks and bend your bodies… kiss her hand and brink Nina some good old wine to drink...


Catharina "Nina" Hagen

11 March 1955 Germany

Vocal Type:

Whistle Register:

Vocal Range:
3.1 Octaves. D3- F6 (approx)

Longest Note:
11 seconds

Vocal Pluses:
Glorious soprano highs and amazing tenor like lows and a voice that is able to scream in a rock wail or be soft as any balladeer... Versatility is key to defining the voice of this lady. It would be very a surprise if she is not classically trained...

Vocal Negatives:
Nina's flexibility may not be to everyone's taste and it's likely the extreme way she uses her voice will turn many listeners off...

By Manos Bitsakakis


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