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Anthony Wilson Nonet - Power Of Nine

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Anthony Wilson one of the most talented jazz guitarist-composer-arrangers

Anthony Wilson is a superior straight-ahead guitarist who is also a very talented arranger-composer. His nonet plays in the Los Angeles area, performing his arrangements and mostly Wilson's compositions. Filled with some of Southern California's best and most versatile musicians, the Anthony Wilson Nonet interprets his colorful and atmospheric charts flawlessly.


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On Power of Nine there is a four-part suite ("Quadra") which has guest mandolinist Eva Scow interacting with Wilson's guitar on two of the sections. That moody work, dedicated to Brazil, has its intriguing moments but some of the other individual pieces are actually the high points. An infectious version of Duke Pearson's "Make It Good," Diana Krall's guest vocal on a nostalgic waltz by Jimmy Rowles ("Looking Back"), a stirring tenor solo by Matt Otto on "Amalgamation," the jubilant "Melatonin Dream" and the gradual building up of passion on "Hymn" are memorable.


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In addition there is a "hidden" twelfth selection, a Monk-ish "Bird in a Basket" which has an intense baritone solo by Adam Schroeder. Other solo stars along the way include trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos, and pianist Donald Vega. Recommended.

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