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Allan Taylor – There Was A Time (2016)

Allan TaylorTWAT03

Allan Taylor, Göttinger Symphonie Orchester ‎– There Was A Time

After the great success of the production with Song Zuying and the China Philharmonic Orchestra (Grammy nomination 2015), Stockfisch-Records has now worked again with a large symphony orchestra. Another project with the English old master of songwriting, Allan Taylor, was put into practice: "There Was a Time".


Allan TaylorTWAT03 Allan Taylor_TWAT02


The story behind it: Allan had played several times at a well-known Italian folk festival near the city of Udine. This made contact with the composer, conductor and arranger Valter Sivilotti. He found great pleasure in arranging selected songs by Allan for symphony orchestras. Valter and Allan worked closely together and this cooperation culminated in a live concert with an Italian orchestra in Spilimbergo in 2013.

Günter Pauler heard a live demo of this performance and was enthusiastic about the project: Allan's songs with a large orchestra. The Northeim label engaged the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra under its agile and experimental conductor Christoph-Mathias Mueller, invited Valter Sivilotti and Allan Taylor to Göttingen - and a fascinating and emotionally charged production emerged.


Allan Taylor TWAT01


Allan Taylor writes about this recording: “What you hear on this SACD is the product of great technical and artistic expertise on the part of Stockfisch Records. I wrote some of these songs many years ago, but I hope you enjoy the experience of hearing them in an orchestral setting. Certainly, Valter Sivilotti’s empathy with my songs has created some wonderful settings, and it was a privilege to work with such a creative and empathetic musician. "

The hybrid SACDs can be played on any conventional CD player because they contain a 16-bit hybrid layer.
• An SACD player is required to play the DSD stereo sound.
• A multi-channel SACD player and a corresponding multi-channel system are required to play the 5.1 surround sound.

Track List

01. Chimes At Midnight [04:59]
02. For Those We Knew [03:53]
03. Down The Years I Travelled… [04:56]
04. For What It's Worth [04:44]
05. The Merlin Cafe [06:05]
06. Provence [04:25]
07. There Was A Time [04:29]
08. Joseph [04:33]
09. Win Or Lose [05:54]
10. Winter [05:15]
11. Red On Green [03:47]
12. The Beggar [04:11]


Allan Taylor - vocal and guitar
Göttinger Symphonie Orchester - Christoph-Mathias Mueller, conductor
Lutz Möller - piano
Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass


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