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Sarah Jane Morris ‎– Blue Valentine (1995)

Sarah Jane Morris ‎– Blue Valentine_LP01

black voice in a red-hair's lung

Excellent sound caption and performance, recorder Live by Sarah jane Morris at London’s club night Ronnie Scott’s in 1994.. Breathtaking jazzy vocals accompanied by a band with absolute sense of electro jazz mellow feel..

Including some originals plus some excellent covers such as 'T.K.O'. and 'Wake up everybody' or the most popular Billy Paul’s 'Me and Mrs. Jones' from Philly sound.. Terrific performer, great music, 15 diamonds must-have album..


sarah jane morris lp_02


This is an album of excellent covers with brilliant arrangements (something that Sarah Jane achieves with al the work she does). Fantastic voice and excellent sound-engineering unbelievable that this is a live album.. anyone can listen to this voice all day every day..

Haunting quality, all the songs on this album are sung in a unsurpassed way that is beyond perfect. Sarah's voice has feeling, tone, expression, clarity, deepness, control and heart breaking sincerity..


sarah jane morris lp_03


The lady is a slow blowing dynamite and album after album keeps amazing and surprising us.. anyone can listen to her been in a mood or been up.. this is quality music, well performed in vocals, instrumentation, sound-engineering and atmosphere..

All 15 songs shows a fleet driving rhythm that became instantly involving and wouldn’t let go until the final breath.. The sharp nearly hyper-wiry string attacks of the title track’s guitar solo were more explosive than ever before..


sarah jane morris lp_04


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