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Beethoven - Irish, Welsh, Scottish Songs

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a perfect testification to Beethoven's creative works as a folksong writer.. It contains a wonderful selection from his settings of Scottish, Irish and Welsh songs performed with piano trio and soprano.. An excellent recording and performance shining through giving real meaning and flavor to these English folksongs.. The dark music mood is mixed masterfully with the shining angelic soprano voice in a fantastic alternation..

Ensemble: Neues M√ľnchner Klaviertrio
Soprano Vocals: Julie Kaufmann


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Irische Lieder

1 A Wand'ring Gypsey, Sirs, I Am 1:42
2 No Riches From His Scanty Store 4:45
3 Thy Ship Must Sail, My Henry Dear 4:08
4 O Might I But My Patrick Love 5:56

Walisische Lieder

5 The Cottage Maid 3:35
6 O Let The Night My Blushes Hide 3:24
7 To The Aeolian Harp 5:55
8 When Mortals All To Rest Retire 4:36
9 The Dairy House 1:51
10 The Vale Of Clwyde 7:53
11 Good Night 1:22

Schottische Lieder

12 The Sweetest Lad Was Jamie 3:11
13 Dim, Dim Is My Eye 4:31
14 The Lovely Lass Of Inverness 2:36
15 Oh! Thou Art The Lad Of My Heart 2:20
16 O, How Can I Be Blithe And Glad 2:04
17 O Cruel Was My Father 3:35
18 Faithfu' Johnie 6:25
19 Jeanie's Distress 2:53


Discogs release: Ludwig Van Beethoven - Irische, Walisischem, Schottische Lieder

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