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Martha J. & Fr. Chebat - Dance Your Way to Heaven


Dance your way to Heaven is far from the usual vocal jazz atmospheres; it refers to harmonies, melodies and rhythms different from swing, keeping in mind the complexity of modern jazz..

This album is fresh and spontaneous with immediately enjoyable songs. The songs follow a path between dream and reality, with a sound that touches souls and catches attention from the start..



All songs are composed by Francesco Chebat, while Martha J. wrote the lyrics. With them, Roberto Piccolo on double bass, Stefano Bertoli on drums and Cisco Portone on percussions and cajon..

Martha and Francesco have been playing together for years. They started from jazz standards and now they just released their fifth CD with original songs "Pas de Deux"
“Martha J. is not only a marvelous singer with a lovely instrument and delivery, but also a substantial song lyricist. She found a perfect collaborator in pianist and composer Francesco Chebat.“ Mark Stevens, Piano and All That Jazz..



released March 30, 2010

Martha J. – vocals
Francesco Chebat – piano
Roberto Piccolo – double bass
Stefano Bertoli – drums
Cisco Portone – percussions and cajon
Recorded at Cavò Studio, Azzano San Paolo (BG), mix Attila Faravelli (Milano), mastering Christian Alati – Codhouse Studio, Milano.
Produced by Elena Ricciardo.



  1. Dance Your Way to Heaven 3:44
  2. Little Angel Eyes 6:26
  3. Diamonds in my Mind 5:32
  4. Like Children Seeking the Truth 5:23
  5. Too Soon 3:32
  6. Ufo 4:30
  7. The Thread of Dreams 5:18
  8. Wake Me Up When We Get There 5:57
  9. The Never-ending Dance 3:51
  10. Windy Day 5:03
  11. The Only Sane Thing to Do 3:54

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