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Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic new album

Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic01

Royal Philharmonic Scores New Roy Orbison Album

A Love So Beautiful will pair singer's classic vocal takes with new orchestral arrangements.. Roy Orbison's family and London's Royal Philharmonic teamed for a new album that pairs the singer's classic vocal takes with new orchestral arrangements..

A Love So Beautiful Roy Orbison With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra arrives November via Roy's Boys and Legacy Recordings..

Available on CD and Vinyl..



A Love So Beautiful will be available digitally, as well as on CD and vinyl. The track list includes reinterpretations of "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Crying," "Only the Lonely," "Dream Baby" and more. Along with the Royal Philharmonic, A Love So Beautiful will feature contributions from Orbison's sons Wesley and Roy Jr. on guitar and Alex on drums. Even Orbison's ten-month-old grandson, Roy III, will provide tambourine and guitar.

The Orbison sons recorded their parts at Black River Studios – which their father used to own – in Nashville, Tennessee, while the Royal Philharmonic recorded at Abbey Road. Prior partnering with the Orbisons, the Philharmonic produced two records featuring Elvis Presley's old vocal takes, 2015's If I Can Dream and 2016's The Wonder of You.

Along with A Love So Beautiful, the Orbison estate is prepping its first sanctioned book about the musician, The Authorized Roy Orbison. The Orbison sons wrote the book with musician/journalist Jeff Slate. The family is also reportedly co-producing an Orbison biopic, The Big O: Roy Orbison.

A Love So Beautiful Track List

1. "In Dreams"
2. "Crying"
3. "I'm Hurtin'"
4. "Oh, Pretty Woman" (feat. Alex, Wesley, Roy Jr., Roy III)
5. "It's Over"
6. "Dream Baby" (feat. Alex, Roy Jr.)
7. "Blue Angel"
8. "Love Hurts"
9. "Uptown" (feat. Alex Orbison)
10. "Mean Woman Blues" (feat. Alex, Roy Jr.)
11. "Only the Lonely"
12. "Running Scared"
13. "I Drove All Night" (feat. Alex Orbison)
14. "You Got It"
15. "A Love So Beautiful" (feat. Alex Orbison)


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