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Anne Bisson - Tales From the Treetops LP

Anne Bisson Tales From the Treetops

Top-End Sound along with Soulful Music

Pianist and vocalist Anne Bisson is joined by drummer Paul Brochu, bassist Frederic Alarie, and cellist Vincent Belanger for Tales From the Treetops, her follow-up to Blue Mind. All but one of the songs are performed in English. Anne also performs a duet with special guest international soprano Suzie LeBlanc. Digital issue and CD Contains 14 new songs while vinyl record includes only 9 of them..



Tales From the Treetops is a must have recording from new era music.. There is very little use of reverb on vocals, best quality takes on instruments, great sounding and controlled piano and bass.. This vinyl record is one of the good tools for evaluating hi-end analogue audio gear but nice soulful music also to listen to.. All the songs are jazzy, alright, but not too far from the folk/pop genre, especially when it's only piano/voice.. Anne Bisson is full of creative talent and this third album proves it again..

The bad thing is that 5 tracks are missing in the LP release from the original 14 existing in the digital relese.. One of these missing tracks is 'The Lady of the Black Lake' one of the nicest tracks on this music production..

LP Track List

A1 I Live In A Treehouse 3:50
A2 I Miss My Love 3:21
A3 Lilac Blooms 3:55
A4 Your Smile 5:24

B1 Everybody's Kissing In Paris 3:45
B2 Dry My Tears 4:53
B3 Da Unten Im Tale 4:24
B4 Love's Philosophy 3:33
B5 I Do 3:59

CD & Digital Download Track List

1. I Live In A Treehouse
2. I Don't Believe In Destiny
3. Dry My Tears
4. I Miss My Love
5. Lilac Blooms
6. Everybody's Kissing In Paris
7. Coeur De Verre
8. Winter's Coming
9. The Lady Of The Black Lake
10. Love's Philosophy
11. Da Unten Im tale
12. Your Smile
13. I Do
14. Where Are You


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