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Thanassis Vassilopoulos new work 'Atractos'


Thanassis Vassilopoulos...

Born in 1972 in Agrinio Greece playing music from the age of four... At his nine he started playing "professionally" accompanying him in concerts... In 1987 he made her first steps in the music industry and since then has worked with many Greek artists such as a session musician on recordings and in concerts in Greece and abroad. Worth mentioning some collaborations with international artists such as Bjork, in concert in Lycabettus, the Italians Radicanto, he participates in album, and Joe Bonamassa, at the Montreux jazz festival in Switzerland as well as in his album entitled "Black rock", with producer Kevin Shirley! In this record he plays with the blues legend BB King!!!


The «Atractos» is the fourth personal album. (Atractos = Airplane's body without the wings) Fascinated by the music and the immense talent of the great Greek composer Vangelis Papathanasiou, he thought to paly some of his tunes... Having in mind this thought and heart full of love for what he does, he met Vangelis and with him chose the tunes that could be editing with clarinet... The album is the result of this meeting with the great composer... 13 great tunes, played in a way that will travel us to Greece dreamed Vangelis when he wrote and Thanassis Vassilopoulos when he played them... Thanassis began learning clarinet from his father George Vasilopoulos from the age of five...

Track List

01. Iove theme (blade runner)
02. Ave(Direct)
03. Messages(Voices)
04. Across the mountains (Alexander)
05. Voices(Voices)
06. Blade runner end titles
07. Theme from Antarctica (antarctita)
08. Rachel's song (Blade runner)
09. City of Isabel (1492 - Conquest of Paradise)
10. Tender memories (Alexander)
12. Roxannes veil (alexander)
13. Part 18 (El Greco)

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