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black rock studios santorini


'a place to live and record in heaven'

Black Rock is a combination luxury villa and world class recording studio, located on the magnificent Greek island of Santorini . Built in a style that combines modern and traditional Cycladic architecture, Black Rock blends perfectly with the Aegean landscape. A heaven of inspiration and tranquility between sea and sun, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the Aegean sea, and the volcanic

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The studio is accessed through its own external entrance, which leads you into a large 40 sq meter day-lit control room looking out over the sea. At the centre of the room is a pristine SSL 9080 J Series console with Ultimation and Total Recall. The desk is joined by an awesome monitoring setup, comprising Genelec 1035B speakers and a choice of KRK E8 and Yamaha NS10 nearfield monitors. A Protools HD2 rig runs on an Apple MAC PRO. There is a good selection of outboard including Neve 1081 Classic pre-amps, Manley, Focusrite and Avalon dynamics and a variety of FX processers. Clients will have access to a great choice of microphones, including several Shure, Senheiser, Neumann and AKG models.

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The design of the studio has allowed for fantastic visibility between all of the separate areas, through a number of soundproof windows and thick glass doors. Each of the studio's rooms has the benefit of natural daylight. An additional unique feature which the studio will provide are special tielines connecting to Black Rock's bedrooms and outdoor spaces, providing clients with a whole host of other recording options.

Studio owner and manager Kostas Kalimeris opened his remarkable residential haven to studioexpresso's production community in 2009. Kostas reports recent sessions completed by producer Kevin Shirley for Joe Bonamassa's new album ( The entire album was recorder and mixed in Black Rock ) and tracks for Lauren Harris Band...

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Black Rock Studio won the Best New Studio In the World title by Audio Pro International (Industry Excellence Awards 2009). A judging panel of over 100 industry experts and executives, including some of the most respected figures in the business, voted & gave the title to Black Rock...

Santorini voted as the Best Island in the World by Travel + Leisure (World's Best Awards 2011 NYC). Santorini is a new World’s Best Island Overall winner, moving up from its No. 6 ranking on last year’s list of Top Islands Overall and displacing the Galápagos from the No 1 position.

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