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ECM-ACA 4th Event

Tord Gustavsen

4th HiEnd - Musical - Artistic Event

Audiophile Club of Athens (ACA) - Mikri Arktos (ECM)
Dedicated to Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen
Monday February 5, 2012 at Tsichritzis Foundation, Kifisia Greece

The event

Dedicated to Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen, ( ), an talented young Norwegian musician, of those who Manfred Eicher carefully chooses to join in the staff of the German ECM...

The much promising artist informed us that even his studio recorded music consists of 60-70% improvisation... There is the main theme which begins the composition and evolution is enriched with improvisation and action...

Mikri Arktos

A 'Culture Company' inspired by Paraskevas Karasoulos, oriented to quality music productions, publications and cultural events...

For some years now also hosts within its court the German ECM... The partnership with ACA and ECM has now become an institution...

Tireless worker and partner of Mikri Arktos, Mrs Georgia Alevizaki...

The place

Idryma Tsixritzi

Tsichritzis Foundation, Kifisia Greece A magnificent traditional building in Cassavetes Street, center of Kifisia, that although it's orientation purely as an Art Gallery, yesterday hosted the equally beautiful music with the works hanged on the walls...

Since 1999 where foundation established, by the lawyer and collector Philip Tsichritzis, has developed a systematic and artistic action and has evolved in an important cultural core, hosting the work of big artists...

The people


There was a large participation of people resounding proof of how much is a real need for such events... Nice and interesting people, with the tranquility and quality to those who exudes a preoccupation with art, visual arts and musical events...

The contact


At a certain moment of the evening we contacted the artist Tord Gustavsen via skype... He talked about his music, ECM, the improvisation, his influences... After that, questions of the attendees were answered... At the end of the discussion, the writer addressed a remark – ascertainment...

M.B. ‘Inside your music, I have noticed the dark landscapes of ECM and Norway, the classic Jazz improvisation, the influenced by the teacher Keith Jarrett, the Blues, the gospel and even the Pop... It is a difficult and beautiful thing for someone to be able to combine all those things in the way of the quality and the beauty, because I think music should be not only inspiration and creation, but yet fun and joy...’

T.G. ‘All those things are true in every point and are the most for my music... Thank you so much for searching and deeply avocation inside it...’

The Sound System


Top Rank and Quality Sound Machines, courtesy of Dimitris Constantinou of Audio Temple with the help of his partner Dimitri... The system played amazing, in the not too appropriate place, so that the guests at the end of the event made a queue for information...

Speakers : Magico Q3
Power Amplification : AYRE MX-R Monoblocks
Pre Amplification : AYRE KX-R Preamp
Source : Universal CD Player AYRE C-5xeMP

Deeper Inside the Sound System


The Magico Q3 have cabin entirely made of aircraft type aluminum, and it is a three way loudspeakers system, with 5 custom made units with a custom made beryllium tweeter among them...

The units of the Magico speakers are made of nanotechnology fibers, with tremendous rigidity, strength and minimum weight ...


The AYRE MX-R Monoblocks amps are really machines of high quality and technology...It is full analog design (not to be fooled by size), with custom made thermal transistor which perceive the signal and self-polarized and when needed... The result is very much power with minimum cooling requirements, whilst ensuring ecological treatment... The above babies give 300 WRMS into 8ohms and 600 WRMS into 4ohms !!!


The AYRE KX-R Preamp is the latest version of a really top preamp, I would say of reference class ... And that because no one has to deal with... The machine did his job without fanfare, bloating and colors ... as it should be every hi end machine...


The AYRE C-5xeMP is a Universal CD Player that plays CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video (soundtrack only) and MP-3...

By Manos Bitsakakis


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