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ECM-ACA 3rd Event

ECM meeting 14 Dec 2011 Levon-Eskenian

ECM-ACA 3rd Event 14 December 2011

On Wendsday 14 December 2011 we had the third and equally successful event-listening, at Katakouzinos foundation, in cooperation with ECM and Jazz & Tzaz magazine...

It was a musical and discussion tribute for Georges I. Gurdjieff

Reflections on G. Gurdjieff Musical Event

This last A.C.A. meeting could be considered, as the most successful and thorough engagement, we ever had or organized thus far with ECM. In addition to the G. Gurdjieff’s works, the visuals and astonishing narration, offered the attendees a transcending experience. This informative addition helped us further appreciate the contribution of this great Teacher, Philosopher and Musician to culture. His work is neither just Folk/Traditional, nor the product of one or two composers (with P.D. Ouspensky). It sounded, as if it had time-travelled, from the past to our present, to evoke wisdom, maturity and nostalgia, of a wider geographical area surrounding Greece from the East. Effortless, it felt it had been composed on its own, as if it had pre-existed. This experience was not just a proposition about music, but also about matters of life. The Fourth Road in contrary to the fakirs, monks and yogis, does not PROPOSE to be cut-off entirely from the worldly, but to maintain in SPIRITUAL balance. The group that we heard was formed only three years ago, yet exceptional, as if the musicians had been playing together since their early adolescence.

Allow me to emphasize that what we witnessed, was above all authentic. I was personally touched by the insight offered on The Fourth Road by G. Gurdjieff’s student, P.D. Ouspensky and it is irrelevant whether one agrees or not with these theories. It is important to note that G. Gurdjieff was of Greek origin, from his father’s side.

Most importantly, the sound quality was exceptional and it complimented each piece we heard. Precision, transparency and impressive stage appearance, gave us the impression, that we were witnessing a live performance. The musicality was effortless and emotional.

Lefteris Xenos from E.T.Y.T. created the ideal conditions for those few fortunate ones, who were present at the A & L Katakouzinou Foundation.

On behalf of A.C.A, I sincerely like to thank Mr. L. Xenos for his contribution.

By George Heropoulos

The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble

The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble was founded in 2008 by the Armenian musician Levon Eskenian with the aim of creating ethnographically authentic arrangements of the G.I. Gurdjieff/Thomas de Hartmann piano music. The ensemble consists of leading Eastern folk instrumentalists in Armenia playing duduk, blul/nay, saz, tar, kiamancha, oud, kanon, santur, dap/daf, tombak and dhol.

Gurdjieff is known to many in the West as one of the major spiritual figures of the 20th century. His extraordinary musical repertoire was based on the music he heard during his journeys in Armenia, the Caucasus, the Middle East and many parts of Central Asia, India and North Africa, where he witnessed a myriad of folk and spiritual music, rituals and dance traditions.

Levon Eskenian has chosen and arranged those pieces that have roots in Armenian, Greek, Arabic, Kurdish, Assyrian, and Caucasian folk and spiritual music for Eastern folk instruments.

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