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The theory of music and sex is old...

Music and sex

By Tony Pothitos

The theory of music and sex is old (although not documented as much as it should be). Most people think that some forms of music are created as to bring out the animal instinct in us, thus want to commit to the act. Driving oneself into a frenzy while listening to music that makes his heart beat faster and want to "get down tonight" is not only common knowledge but proven by scientific research. Or is it?

Everyone thinks that music is a type of sex or natural form of sexuality because it makes you want to dance, and dancing is a form of expression. Thus music brings on the need for sex. Does sex, as music transport you to another space and time dimension though? I feel not. Sex can only take you so far, while music has no limits.

Sex is 80% mental, this is a fact, and thus sex is controlled by the mind up to a point. Hence what we call fantasy, mind over sex, by simply changing our thinking. In reality, if you lose the mental control of sex, you have lost the best part of your sexual experience. Even when you think it is just physical, it is most of the time mental, when in need of sex, but during those moments of sex, do you want music or not?

Most answers were:

  • Yes, we want background music, otherwise we cannot concentrate.
  • Yes, music is great before and after, but not during. For mood enchantment, and chilling down afterwards.


  • Music is great, it gives us the rhythm and
  • Music makes us make love longer!
  • Music makes us do it better.
  • Music is like a drug, it makes you do things you otherwise wouldn't.

I had the same answers in my much unbiased one to one survey of almost 200 sexually active people, 50% couples and the remaining singles, again the same split between women and men, not enough to make an accurate T-score, but just enough to get an idea of what it might be worth studying, or getting another PhD in.

My personal opinion is not established here, but before for preparatory deed, I do believe songs like "Let's get it on' Barry White, do get some neurons/hormones going and does set the mood for a sensual evening. As for other types of music preferred is Cafe del Mar CD's.

That is a lot of information to dwell on only in a few paragraphs, and one could discuss a few more things, but let's change the subject and get to the music and to the lyrics of the songs we hear. Frank Sinatra sung "Love and Marriage" and is still sung by most but as a trifle to a television series or just as a quote. Nobody thinks it's a real song, and surely no one sings it at parties!

Pop music does not show a reality of things happening in life, Why is this? Why do songs never talk about what is really happening, but rather what should be happening if we ever make it after a one night stand, which nowadays means having a relationship. Can you imagine issues such as gay/lesbian trends in pop music? Will George Michael ever sing "He's the boy of my dreams?"

In real life, despite the preponderance of pornography or such college pastimes as spring break and "Girls Gone Wild" sexual freedom, if it exists, exists underground, only to surface in pop music videos. And to reflect back on the gay/lesbian thing, not even MTV is ready for out and out homosexual expression (however, two girls having sex somehow manages to escape homosexual radar).

Rap videos (and no less heavy metal and other sub-genres), are filled to the brim with sexy people, mostly guys surrounded by a bevy of women. Clearly, we are confused about sex, love and marriage, in culture, and in pop music.

  • When you hear music, does it make you want to have sex, or does it make you want to get married?
  • Is true love, or love that lasts forever, something that defies the institution of marriage?
  • Do love songs poetically exist on another level that holds love as the ultimate ideal, regardless of who loves who?

When the next songwriter writes, "I want to funk all night", someone needs to ask:

  • who, exactly does the character in the song want to funk all night?
  • Is the character married?
  • Is the one to be funked, married?
  • Is it OK to funk all night, as long as you're not married?
    Of course, married people are perfectly capable of funking all night, but, with each other, not some stranger who disappears with the morning light.

Too many questions and not enough space to write the answers. All in all, over 65% of the people asked in the survey said they did not want music during the deed, while the rest hated the idea of Metal playing, but did want some type of soft, no lyrics, no thinking music as a background for the neighbours not to hear or the children.

This was written only as a summation of the study done by an A.C.A. member for educational/entertainment purposes only. Please do not have sex if you are a Christian under the Roman church before marriage or any other religion if it states so. Sex is not love. Love is the church, and church is God, so don't funk with God!

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