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Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

a comprehensive in-depth resource about music you love

On AllMusic you'll find:

  • In-Depth Information about your favorite albums, musicians and songs
  • Reviews of upcoming and classic albums including new releases
  • Ratings and picks of the recommended albums and songs within an artist's discography or tracks on an album
  • Staff picks of the albums our editors are into right now
  • Sound samples and streaming links to listen to the music
  • Personalized recommendations of albums that match your tastes

Albums in an artist's discography should be thought of as the "Work" and Releases should be thought of as the specific "Products" that are sold (like LPs, CDs or digital releases). So something like Pink Floyd's recorded work "Dark Side of the Moon" that was recorded with guitars and drums and VCS 3 Synthesizer and came out in 1973 would be thought of as an "Album" and the six-disc Dark Side "Immersion Edition" CD+DVD version that came out and was available on store shelves would be a "Release."

In other words, an Album is the canonical "recorded work" which is what you initially think of when the album is mentioned, and a Release is any of the different products that have come out for purchase with a barcode or on a specific format (LP, CD, Cassette, SACD, Gold Disc, Piano Roll, etc) and may contain bonus tracks, alternate takes, a different cover image or even a collectible t-shirt or keychain...

While AllMusic helps music lovers discover new music, revisit the classics and research their favorite artists, we don't sell any products directly on our site. However, whenever applicable, we provide Stream or Buy links on artist and album pages, which provides links to sources like streaming services and places to buy the music. If you're not seeing that on the album page you're viewing, the album isn't available at those sources...

All Music offer different ways for our users to explore and discover all kinds of cool info about music including keeping up-to-date on new release information, browsing discographies, exploring genres, and reading the opinions of expert music writers...

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