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Max Goodman

Max Goodman

Max Goodman was brought to ACA with Tony Pothitos on board.
At the start of his high end story, he was digital to the bone.
In reality I remember Max being so ignorant that he thought any wire would do on any system.

Max has come a very long way from there and from student has become teacher to many who want or need his advice.

He is a very involving person with music and watching him listen to classical music is a joy in itself.

Max loves DIY projects and if they include horns, he loves them even more.

He is also an incredible writer, a vivacious reporter and sinister to high priced machines. He believes that High End belongs to everyone, and not to the rich alone, so he threw away his very expensive equipment and made himself a system which is wonderful and charismatic in every nature, with under 20.000 Euro!!

As a British born, Greek married lover of music, he is more practical than most people here in ACA. He is a perfect line in the middle, making sure no one veers off into the poles of either end.

Max is not a full ACA member since two years, due to personal reasons, but still a good friend and music listening companion to many ACA members.

We consider him as a part of ACA, with huge contribution to our club. For this reason, we included Max Goodman to our Honorary Members list.

Max Goodman pic

Meeting at Max Goodman' (March 2006)

Meeting at Max Goodman' (October 2002)

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