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Thanassis Moraitis

Thanassis Moraitis

I have been exposed to music and decent quality sound reproduction since I was five years old (late 60's) through my father's stereo system. This included a tubed stereo receiver, three way speakers, a belt drive turntable with an MC cartridge and pre amp, and finally a reel to reel tape recorder.

My father had at the time acquaintances at the only official radio station in Athens (public radio) and they were kind enough to supply him with good quality recordings of the era.

Later on, I developed an interest in electronics as a hobby which led to the design and construction of my first amplifier and speakers (1979) and down the line on to a Bachelor's degree from TEI Piraeus in Electronics (1986). I continued my studies in USA (UMass at Lowell) where I got my Bachelor's and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering.

My time in Massachusetts was spend, beside studying, mainly attending classical concerts at the Boston Symphony Hall and at famous (at the time) jazz bars where I was lucky to meet legends like Ahmad Jamal, Stan Getz and others. At the time I was also able to hear first hand all the major Αmerican made high end equipment and acquire some very interesting equipment, like my Nakamichi 3 head, dual capstan, direct drive CR-4 tape deck and my heavily (by Merril Audio) modified AR XB turntable.
At that time I designed another loudspeaker (a three way, that a version of it I used later as my reference in Greece).

After completion of my military service in Greece I got a job as the editor-in-Chief at Hxos & Hi-Fi magazine, the oldest and most respectable (at the time) magazine about hi-fi equipment and music in Greece.

Six years later I joint forces with other esteemed colleagues that also had made a career at the same area, and became an editor and later editor-in-chief of a magazine that I am very proud of (as a result of our efforts) that was called AV Extreme (the first magazine in the world that did direct comparisons of material that was recorded in DSD, 24/96 and pure analog tape of the same event at Megaro Musikis in Athens. At the same time I worked again as editor at DVD Home Theater magazine. I am now a contributing editor to High Fidelity magazine, still trying to find the holly grail of excellence of sound through equipment My day job is in the design and implementation of high-end home theater systems, multiroom audio and video systems and home automation. My personal audio system comprises mostly of electronics that I have either designed, assembled and/or modified through the years and speakers that either I think very highly of or are my own designs.

All of the above reside in a separate apartment, that includes a 25 square meters room (as studio) that is optimized sound wise without any compromises with lots of special diffusers, very few absorbers (since I believe that they rob the sound of its energy), dedicated power lines and special power filtering and voltage stabilization.

And, yes, I was lucky to be at the right time with the right people to start ACA in 1998.


For his contribution as one of the funders of the Adiophile Club of Athens, we are honored to have Thanassis Moraitis as an honorary member, since April 2012.

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