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Daniel Puigsech

Daniel Puigsech

Mr. Daniel Puigsech is one of the worlds digital audio electronics masters. He is from France and he is well known for his work in digital audio electronics for the super Hi End brands Jadis and Metronome.

My audio adventure started when I was 5 years old. It was the first contact with a vinyl disc and this generates to me a true storm in my mind: how this black wafer can make music?
Sincerely, I didn't know at this time, but I think this experience changed my life and was the begenning of my passion for audio electronics.

At 9 I started learning music and piano, but my mind was elsewhere, so at 10 years, I built my first amplifier, of course my father worked in electronics so I had some precious advice.

Logically, I learn electronics for a few years in school and university, building amplifiers more and more, trying to understand why some sound well and other bad.

At 25 I started to work in the CNES (French Space Agency) which is the same of NASA in USA. But at the same time I create a company to developp audio projects for a customer.

Now the CEO of these customer are one of my friends. I develope for JADIS (only digital products) and METRONOME and some others in Pro and Studio market...

Daniel Puigsech2 I'm working now in new products for my own brand and I hope to achieve this project to give an amazing pleasure for audiophiles. Emotion is a human feeling that differentiates us from machines...

For his contribution to digital audio, we are honored to have Mr. Daniel Puigsech as honorary member of ACA, since June 2011.

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