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Akis Michalopoulos

Iakovos Mihalopoulos
TurntableTransrotor Tourbillion
Dynavector 507 MK2 + Dynavector XV-1T
Glanz 124-X +
Bluelectric Magic Diamond
Digital SourceYpsilon CDT-100
Open Tape deckTechnics RS–1506
PreamplifiersYpsilon VPS-100 (phono stage)
Ypsilon PST-100 Mk.II
(line preamplifier)
AmplifiersYpsilon Aelius Hybrid
SpeakersKenrick Sound
CablesTTAF (phono)
Shunyata Altair (intercon)
Acrolink 7N-D 5000 (intercon)
Mexcel S-10000 (speakers)
Shunyata Anaconda Alpha/VX (power)
Power ConditionerShunyata Research, TRITON
RackCopulare rack
Environment44m2 (7.1x6.2x2.7)

Akis is living in a nice suburb of Athens, right next to the sea. He is the Sales Manager in one of the largest Audio-Video distributors in Greece.

Akis Mihalopoulos or James as is known throughout the world of High End. He has also a very good friend and a trusted ear. I might even say he is has a Golden Ear amongst the ACA members.

You may wonder what that is, well simply put, it means a person has objective and realistic views of what a system needs and has the ability to make any system sound practically faultless. Including mine. I find that there are few people in the trade of our hobby which are as honest as this man is, and in saying that, trust me when I say that I have heard a lot of bad things come out of his month about my system, but then proved me wrong and what he said to be totally true.

When it comes to trust, this is the man I can suggest without any hesitance at all.

Akis jointed ACA on February 2007.

Michalopoulos-new-system-sideTransrotor-tourbillonKenrick SoundKenrick Sound+Transrotor_TourbillionEsoteric-K05Akis-RackLuxman-B1000FStella-Luxman-TechnicsTechnics-RS-1500HYDRA-TritonTransrotor-tourbillon+GlanzTransrotor-tourbillon+Dynav

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