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Apostolos Raptis

Apostolos Raptis
Raptis System
Analog SourceGoldmund Studio
Goldmund T3 + VDH Colibri XGP
Alphason Sonata
Alfason HR100s + EMT Van Den Hul
Micro Seiki DDX1500
Zeta + Ortofon MC5000
Opal + Signet
Linn Sonkek LP12
Zeta + EMT Van Den Hul
Digital SourceAudio Research CD3
SACD PlayerPioneer DV 757Ai
TunerTandberg 3001A
PreamplifiersAudio Research SP10 (phono)
Audio Research LS5 MKII
Amplifiers TubeAudio Research VT150 SE
monoblocks (KT120 Tubes)
Amplifiers Solid Home CinemaRotel RB993
SpeakersB&W 800 Matrix
Speakers RearMartin Logan CLSIIZ
Speakers CenterMartin Logan Logos
CablesVDH Silver (phono)
Siltech SQ 88B G3 (interconn)
VDH Silver (interconnects)
MENA Silver (interconnects)
Siltech LS 180 G3 (speakers)
RackCustom metal and granite
Environment80m2 (11.2x7.2x3)

Apostolos is a motion pictures director, with his own movie studio, fully equipped in order to produce commercial clips or even full movies.

See bellow his personal comments.

"Since I remeber myself, there was always music playing from a Hi - Fi stereo equipment or my grandfather's tube radio. I remeber at the end of 60's a "Garad" turntable accompanied with a "Superscope" amplifier and speakers that later were replaced by a "Dual" turntable with an "Sanshui" amplifier and "Yamaha" speakers.

In 1982 I bought my first equipment with my own pocket money. One of the person's that helped me, at the beginning, was my friend Ionas.

I have changed my Hi - Fi system several times and some of the equipment that I had in the past are:

Naim nac 32, Naim nap 250, E.A.R.518, E.A.R.549, Yamaha NS500, NS1000, NS2000, B&W DM7mkII, 801S2, Martin Logan CLSIIz, Oracle Delphi with Zeta Denon 103, Dynavector 23ruby and Koetsu Black.
Thorens 226 with Helious orion, EMT, VDH MC1, MC2, GRUSHUPER IISE, DNM 3PSU, Musical Fidelity Dr Thomas,
Micro Seiki RX5000 with FR64s, FR7, EMT, Audio Research MCP-22, SP-6, D-76 and IMF SACM.

I have also upgrated my Hi - Fi system to home theater. I am using a pair of speakers Martin Logan CLSIIz for the rear channels, driving them with an ROTEL RB993. For the center channel, I am using Martin Logan Logos which is driven by ROTEL RB993. "

Apostolos jointed ACA on October 2003.

GOLDMUND STUDIO+T3Raptis system-2AUDIO-RESEARCH-VT150SE+GOLDMUNDAUDIO RESEARCH SP10-center-rackAUDIO RESEARCH VT150SEB&W 800 matrixRaptis-Micro DDX-1500-ZetaRaptis-Jan-2020-syst00Alphason Sonata+HR100+EMT Van Den HulAUDIO RESEARCH SP10Linn Sondek LP12Audio Research CD3

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