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Konstantinos Daras

Konstantinos Daras
Daras System
TurntableVoyd Valdi
Kuzma Stogi + Benz Micro MC2
Digital SourceRotel RCD 965, Sony CDR W66
PreamplifiersMagnum MP 330 (with phono)
AmplifiersGamuT D200 MK3
SpeakersMagnepan MG 2.7 QR
CablesVdH (phono)
Dara's custom silver (interconnects)
Dara's custom copper (speakers)
Dara's custom silver (power)
RackDIY heavy weight rack
Environment21m2 (3.5x6x3)

Konstantinos is a professional dental technician.

He might be considered to be an introvert, yet he is very experienced with music and art in general. His partner in life, is music and his poise on music listening is simply right on.

Every time I see Konstantinos, I wonder what he has done to his system and ask him what he has listened to recently. The best thing about Konstantinos is his openness to revitalizing his sound as he changes as the years go by. He is a puzzle which changes shape as he sees fit, and every time I hear his system, I love what he has done with it.

He sees his system as a part of himself, as most ACA members are, but Konstantinos takes his breakfast, lunch and dinner with the stereo ON, unlike the rest of us!

Konstantinos jointed ACA on January 2006

Voyd ValdiKuzma-Stabi-armMicro-Benz-MC20Gamut-D20Daras-rackMagnepan-MG-2.7QR

Meeting at Konstantinos Daras' (September 2012)
Meeting at Konstantinos Daras' (September 2007)
Meeting at Konstantinos Daras' (December 2002)

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