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George Kopsaftopoulos

George Kopsaftopoulos
CD TransportdCS Puccini SACD-CD
Apple MacBookPro
Master ClockdCS Puccini U-clock
D/A ConverterdCS Puccini Asychronous USB 24/192
PreamplifiersViva Audio Linea XP
Amplifiers SolidGryphon Antileon Signature
Amplifiers IntegratedViva Audio Solista MK2
(845 tubes)
SpeakersHansen Audio Prince V2
Cables InterconnectJorma Origo
Jorma Prime
Stealth Audio Sextet (digital)
Cables SpeakerJorma Prime
Cables PowerJorma Prime & Origo
Environment40m2 (5x8x2.9)

George is a real and keen musiclover since his early years, once finished High-School (1984) invested his and his brother bank savings to the first hifi-system compiled with Technics turntable and casste deck, Aiwa amplifiers and Cerwin Vega speakers, examples of that era.

After studied economics and Tourism administration and in parallel entered in first free official radio stations as a radio producer in the "quiet-storm" zone (late night).

Upgrade path through big Denon models and JM Lab speakers, followed by Symphonic Line amplifier, Audio Physic speakers and Audiomeca Mephisto II cd-player and audiomeca Romance Romeo TT. Soon embraced Sonus Faber school of sound with SF Concerto, Cremona and finally Amati Anniversario with Plinius class A amplifiers and Cary or Audio research preamps. Of course all those years the cd collection was growing rapidly and is his first pride until today.

In the endless search of neutrality which leads to real musicallity; dCS digital sources came along in 2008 and together the need to distribute these fine audio machines in our country.
Passion for class A amplification met true tube single ended dreams from Italian Viva Audio keeping both topologies active and relatively to the music moods.
Since then a few other high-end audio brands entered the portfolio of George's Ultra Audio distributions expanding the joy of music and communication with fellow musiclovers.

Ultra Audio Group represents exclusively in Greece the following Audio brands:
dCS, Hansen Audio, Viva audio, Tenor, Stealth audio, Jorma Design, Antelope audio, Beyond Frontiers Audio, B.M.C. Audio, ZenSati, Voxativ

George rejointed ACA on May 2011.

dCS-Puccini-SACD-CDHansen-Audio-Prince-V2Kotsaftopoulos rackKotsaftopoulos-speaker-rackHansen-Audio-Prince-V2-speakerJorma Prime

Meeting at George Kopsaftopoulos' (June 2017)
Meeting at George Kopsaftopoulos' (February 2012)

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