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Nikos Protonotarios

Nikos Protonotarios
Protonotarios System
Analog SourceTechnics SP10 MKII
SME 3012 + Denon DL 103R
Digital SourceMac mini + M-Audio
Amplifiers TubeDIY SUPER 300B amplifier
SpeakersBASTANIS Prometheus Full-range active
CablesDIY copper (interconnects)
BASTANIS Cables (speakers)
RackDIY Steel and glass
Environment20m2 (5x4x2.7)

Nikos is a career Diplomat and his audio system is his companion, to all the different places around the globe he has to serve, from time to time.
He is one of the most active audiophiles in our club.

See bellow is his audio journey in few words.

"I have been interested in the reproduction of music since my early teens. My first serious stereo system was acquired during my University years in London and was a Naim/Sondek combination which essentially remained the same for many years. I was also very happy with Zingali speakers purchased much later and a Teac VRDS 25.

I started DIYing when I realized that to better my Naim (72/250) amplification I had to make a very serious investment. My DIY experience has been very positive and I have a slight preference for single-ended amplification driving full-range sensitive speakers.

I believe the level of musical reproduction quality I have achieved with my current system can only be bettered by production systems costing 10 times as much, so I feel I have achieved my aims. Participation in ACA is great and I think we are lucky to have such an active and friendly club in Greece where we can share our interests.

Having lived around the world I can say that audiophile clubs are very rare and not as active as ACA"

Nikos jointed ACA on September 2008.

Technics SP10 MKII+SME 3012Mac Mini digital systemDIY SUPER 300B SE amplifierULTRACURVE PRO DEQ2496Protonotarios rackBASTANIS full-range

Meeting at Nikos Protonotarios' (June 2010)

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