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Stamatis Aggelou

Stamatis Aggelou
Aggelou System1
Home Audio System #1
Analog SourceTechnics SL-1000
Lyra Dorian,
Technics 305MKII,
Shure V-15IV Jico SAS
Lenco L-75
Sony XL-45,
DAC-streamerPioneer N-70A
TunerMarantz model 150
Passive input selectorOnkyo U-30
Cassette deckNakamichi ZX-7
Open Tape deckAKAI GX-747 dbx
PreamplifierMarantz SC-11S1 (w/phono)
P. Amplifiers solidMarantz SM-11S1 monoblocks
Speakers B&W 802 Matrix Series 3
Cables (interconnects)Hitachi QAX-112 XLR,
Oyaide QAC-212 RCA,
Audioquest Niagara XLR,
Audioquest SKY RCA
Cables (phono)Original Technics
Cables (speaker)Hitachi SSX-102P
Home Audio System #2
Analog SourceB&O 8005 + B&O MMC-2
TunerOnkyo T-909
PreamplifiersOnkyo P-303 (with phono)
P. Amplifiers tubeDenon POA-1000B
Speakers Scandyna Minipods blue
CablesOyaide QAC-212 (intercon)
Supra PLY 2.0 (speaker)
Home Audio System #3
Digital SourceOnkyo DT-2710 DAT
Open Tape deckTechnics RS-1506
TunerOnkyo T-9990
Audio TimerAKAI DT-200
PreamplifierOnkyo P-304
P. Amplifier solidOnkyo M-504
SpeakersScandyna Minipods pearl white
CablesOyaide QAC-212 (intercon)
Supra classic 2.5T (speaker)
Rack & Environment
RackCustom made wood
Environment25m2 (6x4x2.9)

Since he was 4 years old Stamatis was initiated in musical sounds from his first portable cassette - a National/Panasonic player.

At the age of six he press for the first time, the "play" button of a reel to reel deck. It was a Sony TC-765 at his father's "marconi radio room" on a cargo ship.

It was a good start to listen music. The illusion of “being there”.
That somebody is simply standing in front of you, or behind you … and singing.

At the age of 7 he started guitar intensive courses on "National Conservatory".

To be a music enthusiast as an active performing guitarist was the beginning of this great hobby:
"From my early years, music became an important partner that I couldn't live without.

I respect all Japanese brands and their culture.

All tech growth became from their efforts, integrating technologies by discovering and yielding excellent audio and video equipment, that even today is unsurpassed in workmanship level."

Stamatis was involved on consumer AV products since 1992 as an employee in Onkyo - Bose for seven years and later in Sharp for the next four years.

He developed & organized with success the sales network in Thomson Hellas and since 2003 is Key Account Manager and TV Product specialist of LG Hellas.

He is also a great collector of vintage equipment not only focusing to the sound excellence but also on the design of components:
"Always we are trying to hear music by handling our equipment.

I believe that the design is important to follow the sound requirements, in order to be harmonious between them.

Any product In order to create a sound experience, should give to his customer extraordinary completeness on premium level in all senses".

He has many plans for the future and his positive energy, gripped us to agree with his last thoughts:
"Whichever way you do it, either as a DIYier or an audio lover, it is the ultimate listening experience that counts: The MUSIC. And as a perception it cannot be physically ...measured."

Stamatis joined ACA on January 2017.

Aggelou System2Aggelou System3AKAI GX-747 dbxTechnics SP-10MK2Lyra DorianLenco L-75Z1S with Jico SASMarantz model 150Pioneer N-70ANakamichi ZX-7Onkyo U-30Marantz SC-11S1

Meeting at Stamatis Aggelou' (September 2017)

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