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Epaminondas Tsandis

Nontas Tsiantis
TurntableGoldmund Reference MK I
Goldmund T3F
with VDH Colibri XGP MK2
Kuzma Stabi XL-CD
Davinci Grandezza Reference with Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement
Thales Simplicity
with Lyra Titan mono
SACD PlayerEsoteric Grandioso K1
TunerMagnum Dynalab MD109 Triode
Cassette decksNakamichi 1000 ZXL Limited
PreamplifiersNBS Universal Phono
WAVAC LCR-X2+PS-X2+TR-B1 (phono)
CAT SL1 Legend black path (line+phono)
Amplifiers TubeCAT The Statement black path
SpeakersSonus Faber Aida (red violin)
CablesNordost Valhalla 2 interconnects
Nordost Odin interconnects
Musical Wire Belcanto speaker
Nordost Odin 2 power
Power ConditionerOyade power distrbutors
RackKuzma HiFi rack
Chameleon Audio
CleanersClearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic (vinyl)
JFJ Easy Pro (digital discs)
Environment60m2 (5x8x2.9)

ET was born in Athens and strangely enough still likes living in this city. He is a honour graduate of the Law School of Athens and holds a LLM and a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. He has written various legal articles, has given lectures and seminars on aspects of law and runs his own law firm in Athens and Piraeus.

He is a connoisseur of demi-sec Greek wine and likes English bitter and German lager. He is fond of international abstract art but lack of funds forced him to settle for Greek art. After years of enjoyment he obtained a considerable knowledge of Greek painting and a sizeable collection of modern Greek paintings, especially concentrating on Greek abstract art of the 60s. His love for abstract art of the sixties manifests itself in his appreciation of free jazz of the same era. His unsuccessful efforts at playing musical instruments include trumpet, guitar and flûte a bec. His attendance at a couple of music schools left him with a less than average knowledge of musical theory but he still claims to be able to utter criticism on various aspects of music and recorded music. He is a fan of vinyl and his mediocre collection of several thousand of LPs, includes rare classical, avant-garde and jazz LPs, and some unusual experimental 60s’ and 80s’ recordings which he holds in high esteem. He has been an excellent leftfield football player (remember the excellent “leftism” of 1995 quite rare on original vinyl today?) and a promising lefthander tennis and ping pong player for several years, but all promises vanished in the haze of everyday life. In the second half-century of his life, E.T. aspires to become young again.

It is the intention of this writer to give regularly on this site information and critical opinion on classical, avant garde and jazz recordins and on aspects of music and high fidelity. Sometimes, recordings of popular music will be evaluated. The information concerning recorded music will give special weight to rare recordings of well (and not so well) known works. The various recordings will be evaluated both on sonic and performance merits. It should be pointed out that the opinions expressed here are strictly personal and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of other members of the ACA.

Epaminondas joined ACA on December 2010.


Meeting at Epaminondas Tsandis' (November 2013)

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