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Apostolos Konstantinidis

Apostolos Konstantinidis
Konstantinidis Wilson Watt Puppy 6
Analog SourceTRANSROTOR Apollon 40/80

Dynavector DV507 mkII + Dynavector XV-1T


Thorens TP-16 +
Audio Technica ΑΤ150
Digital SourceESOTERIC X-05
TunerMagnum Dynalab 100T
PreamplifiersVAC Renaissance MKIII
(with phono)
Amplifiers TubeVAC Φ300.1
SpeakersWilson Audio, Watt Puppy 6
CablesAccuphase (interconnects)
Acrolink (speakers, power)
Power ConditionerSHUNYATA Hydra-8
RackAudio Magic HEPTA
Environment40m2 (8x5x2.9)

Apostolos lives in Athens and he is an economist. He holds a very high position in one of the big banks in Greece and he is a dedicated audiophile and music fan from the time that he was very young.

He recently did a huge upgrade to his audio system by changing all the major components, turntable including tonearm and cartridge, speakers, preamplifier and power amplifier.

He has a very good vinyl records collection that he collected over the years but he also listen to music with a variety of digital formats including HD.

Apostolos is a very fine person with many good friends in the club that he spends many wonderful and relaxing evenings, listening to good music.

Apostolos’s other hobby is photography, most of the times he the one that takes the pictures of the monthly meetings.

Since June 2016 he is the Vice-President of the Audiophile Club of Athens.

Apostolos jointed ACA on January 2009

TRANSROTOR Apollon 40/80Thorens TD 160ESOTERIC X-05MAGNUM Dynalab 100TVAC RENAISSANCE MKIIIVAC Φ 300.1Watt Puppy 6

Meeting at Apostolos Konstantinidis' (May 2017)
Meeting at Apostolos Konstantinidis' (June 2013)
Meeting at Apostolos Konstantinidis' (December 2010)
Meeting at Apostolos Konstantinidis' (May 2009)

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