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George Papaemmanouil

George Papaemmanouil
Papaemanouil System
Digital Source, (CD Player)Cambridge Audio, 815c
Audio Aero, Capitole II
Network Music PlayerCambridge Audio, NP30
PreamplifiersVTL, TL-5.5
Amplifiers TubeVTL, ST-150
Amplifiers SolidKrell, S-300i
SpeakersRehdeko, 175 5S
SubwooferVelodyne, DD-18
CablesSiltech 4-56 II (interconnects)
Siltech Phono 3 (phono)
RackCustom Wooden
Environment35m2 (7x5x2.9)

George lives in Athens and he is an active dentist having his own dental clinic.

Regardless his occupation he is very sensitive and romantic when it comes to music.

As a true Music lover doesn’t limit himself to certain types of music and he truly appreciates many different kinds but his preference is classical music.

As you see from his system, turntable is absent from his front end, as he only uses CD’s. Lately he is in the streaming music from the cloud business, encouraging the rest of us to join him.

George has a very good, CD collection, of classical and Jazz music.

George jointed ACA on May 1998 and since July 2009 he served as the Vice-President of the Audiophile Club of Athens. He left ACA in 2009 for personal reasons and rejointed ACA on January 2016.

Papaemanouil RackCambridge Audio 815cCambridge Audio NP30VTL-ST-150+TL-5-5Audio-Aero-Capitole-IIRehdeko-175-5S

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