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Vlassis Sgouros

Vlassis Sgouros system
Digital SourceAudio PC with Windows 7
Playback SoftwareJRiver 20 – Foobar
D/A ConverterHegel HD25
PreamplifiersViva audio LF1 with phono
Power AmplifierMark Leninson 336
SpeakersPBN Montana EPS2
CablesJorma Design (interconnects)
Mogami (speakers)
Siltech (power)
Power DistributorFurutech ETP 60
RackAtacama Modified
Environment36m2 (9x4x3)

Vlassis is an active certified accountant, with his own accounting firm.

He is a person with many different interests, including music and sports.

He use to be a professional volleyball player and then coach for several teems.

Now days he spends long hours in the office but he always finds time for good music with good company.

He is a passionate Audiophile and he created his system step by step trying to have the best possible sound and not go sky high in prices.

He has a dedicated listening room, acoustically treated for smooth frequency response, that was created in the last few months and now is the center of relax, good time and listening sessions with friends.

There is no analog frond end for the moment but it is sure that it will be one in a sort time. For this reason the Viva preamplifier has a phono stage installed.

The current set-up is based on digital files but a large amount of music files are available in a number of hard drives.

Since June 2016 he is the Gen. Secretary of the Audiophile Club of Athens.

Vlassis joined ACA on February 2015.

Vlassis Sgouros system 01Vlassis Sgouros system 02Vlassis Sgouros system 03Vlassis Sgouros system 04Hegel HD25vivalf1Mark Lavinson 336PBN Montana EPS2

Meeting at Vlassis Sgouros' (September 2015)

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