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Tony Pothitos

Tony Pothitos
Tony System
Analog SourceClearAudio AIR Master solution
Rega 10+Dynavector Te Kai Tora
Digital SourceEsoteric P3 (transport)
DA ConverterEsoteric D5
TunerDynalab 6
PreamplifiersMike Thompson (phono)
Klimo Merlino Gold (preamp)
Amplifiers TubeTsakiridis Divices monoblocks
Amplifiers SolidYamaha MX-D1
SpeakersUsher 8871 DMD
CablesAurora silver line (intercon.)
Aurora silver line(speakers)
Aurora silver line(power)
Power ConditionerAudio Agile
RackAudio Magic Solutions

Tony is a professional Psychologist among other things.
This is his personal comments about his life journey in to Audio passion.

"The first time I heard an extended 528 Hz tone I sobbed because my entire life's calling of music made sense. I understood that what I fell in love with as a child, the deep, beautiful passion of Brahms and Beethoven and Stravinsky, was the actual tone of love. I was in love with the vibration of love itself. It was all real. Audible. Playable. Translatable. A wordless language of the infinite that pulled me into its powerful arms as a child, ever to carry me through my life. I knew also that we were on our journey home.
Home has often felt so far away, yet today I know home to be inside my own heart. The zero point of my own heart is the magic we call love. It is the key to all creation and the creation itself. The end and the means. The journey and the destination"

Tony was born and raised in Canada and is one of the main contributors of written articles in this site.

He joined ACA on January 2000

Tony system sideClearAudio AIR MasterDynalab 6Tsakiridis DivicesTony system rackUsher 8871 DMD

Meeting at Tony Pothitos' (December 2009)
Meeting at Tony Pothitos' (Octomber 2002)

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