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Konstantinos Louizos

Konstantinos Louizos
Home Audio System #1
Analog SourceGoldmund Studietto
T5 parallel + VDH Grasshopper III
Digital SourceAudiolab 8000
D/A ConverterGoldmund Meta
TunerMusical Fidelity Elektra E500
Cassette decksNakamichi BX 150
PreamplifiersCounterpoint SA 5000 (w/phono)
Amplifiers tubeE.A.R 519 monoblocks
Amplifiers solidAcurus A250 for Gradient SW63
SpeakersQuad ESL 63 + Gradient SW63
CablesMogami (all connections)
Home Audio System #2
Analog SourceDPS 2
Rega RB 700 + ZYX Yatra 2
Digital SourceGoldmund Meta Laser 2
D/A ConverterGoldmund Meta
TunerThule Spirit TU 100
PreamplifiersAudio Note M2 RIAA (phono)
Amplifiers IndAudio Analogue Maestro
SpeakersDunlavy SC IVA
CablesMogami (all connections)
Home Audio System #3
Digital SourceLexicon RT10
PreamplifiersTheta Casa Nova
SpeakersATC SC M100 active speakers
CablesMogami (all connections)

Konstantinos is an active lawyer, with his own law firm.

He is a person with many different interests, including music and technology that follows fanatically.

Now let me explain why I used the word “fanatically”. This gentleman is a fanatic music lover but also a musician, for this reason he keeps five full audio systems in his quit large home.

Is not possible to include all five systems in this sort profile for this reason we just have only three of them in this page, but for sure we have to include something unique, other that the audio systems. Konstantinos keeps a full music club in the basement of his house.

When we say a music club we are talking about a fully equipped space with all the appropriate musical instruments and electronics for a jazz, rock or blues band to operate.

Also the area is properly decorated like a real club and on top of that, he has his own band that practice regularly and performs for the members of the Audiophile club of Athens, friends and other music enthusiasts.

Konstantinos rejoined ACA on December 2010.

Louizos-Quad-system-rackGoldmund-Studietto+Goldmund-T5Musical-Fidelity-Elektra-E500Counterpoint-SA-5000Goldmund-Meta-DAC+Audiolab-8000CDEAR-519Dunlavy-Audio-Labs-SC-IVADPS-turntableAudio-Note-M2RIAAGoldmund-Meta-Laser-2Louizos-Dunlavy-rackDunlavy-SC-IVAATC-SCM100 systemATC-100-system-Lexicon+ThetaATC-SCM100Louizos-Live-music-studioLouizos-Live-music-studio2Louizos-Live-music-studio4

Meeting at Konstantinos Louizos' (June 2016)
Meeting at Konstantinos Louizos' (July 2012)

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