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Yannis Valakos

Giannis Valakos
Giannis Valakos system
Analog SourceLinn Sondek LP 12
Rega RB300 mod+Denon DL 304
Digital SourceCreek CD 53
Sony CDR – W 33
TunerMagnum Dynalab MD 208
PreamplifiersTLA Hermes (with phono)
Denon AU 300 LC (step-up)
Amplifiers TubeTLA Apollo
Amplifiers SolidPass Aleph 3
Krell FPB 200
SpeakersTannoy Glenair
Cassette decksRevox B-215,Teac V-7000,
Teac A-770,Nakamichi 582,
Nakamichi 700
Open Tape decksRevox B-77 MKII,Sony TC-377
Akai 4000D,Akai GX-635D,
Technics 1500,Teac A-7300,
Teac X-2000R,Pioneer RTU-11
CablesVan Den Hul MCD502 (phono)
Times Wire RG 122 (intercon)
MIT MI Terminator 2 (intercon)
MIT CI 14-4 (speakers)

Yannis is from Limnos, a beautiful island on the northern Aegean sea and an island well known from the ancient times.

He studied physics in the National University of Athens and he spent all his active career teaching physics and chemistry.

He is very lucky to be in a nice and quiet place like that and away from the craziness of the big cities. On top of that it happens to be a music lover and an audiophile with plenty of time to enjoy his hobby in peace.

Yannis every so often he gets a collection madness and for this reason his listening room is full of audio equipment. By the way he never sales any of his old gear he just decorate them in a room for this reason he has all the audio staff he purchased over the years.

He has about 25 reel to reel tape recorders, several cassette decks and in this collection includes some of the legendary ones like Revox, Nakamichi and so on.His latest collection madness are old tube radios. He started about two months ago and he already have 10 pieces.

One of the most dedicated ACA members that he is flying two to three times per year just for one of our meetings.

Υannis jointed ACA on October 2009

Linn Sondek LP 12TLA-HermesTLA ApolloVTL ST-85Magnum Dynalab MD 208Creek CD 53Pass Aleph3Nakamichi 700Revox B77 MKIISony TC-377Akai GX-635DPioneer RTU-11Teac A-7300Teac X-2000RTechnics-1500

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