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Panagiotis Adamopoulos

Panos Adamopoulos
Adamopoulos system
Digital SourceAudio Dedicated PC
Marantz CD 6OOO OSE Lim
AmplifiersPass Labs INT-30A
Class A Mosfet integrated amplifier
SpeakersAudio Physic Scorpio II
CablesThe Chord Cobra (interc)
Van Den Hull The Second
Ultralink Excelsior Time Alligned (speakers)
Audio Agile (power)
Power ConditionerFurman AC 210 AE
RackCustom MDF rack
Environment28.6m2 (5.5 x 5.2 x 2.68m)

Panagiotis is living in Athens and he is Operation Chef in a big industrial catering company and he is an audio enthusiast!

Since I remember my life, from a very young age, I was always involved in music, as a listener. The influence was my father who played a critical role to my path as a music lover. I grew up in a house were vinyl was and tubes were present in my early years of life with influences of classical music (barock age) as well as rock music which were my father’s favorites kinds of music.

I started collecting music since my 10 years and my interest in this made my father starting buying me hi-fi budget system. Every once in a while he was upgrading my systems with better until one day when he bought our first hi-fi component system.

That moment at the age of 13 was the starting point from when I fell in love with Hi-Fi. Since then I started reading magazines and articles on audio, and at the age of 20 I bought my first 2 channel audio system which was consisted of Klipsch RF-3 speakers, Denon PMA 1500 integrated amp and a Marantz CD 600 OSE Limited Edition CD player which I still own. Since then I made a lot of mistakes and changes which helped me gain experience and form a better perception around audio and myself as a listener – audiophiler.

I have been addicted to music and audio all these years and I was watching the ACA Club always in admiration. From the first moment I came across with the webpage of ACA a decade ago immediately inside me was formed the ambition and deep desire to become a member and meet all these people that belong to the club and share their knowledge ad experience. My love for audio has become very strong and I want to offer what I can in this field.

First of all comes of course, my love for music which is a very important part of my life. Audio for is the way to make music touch my soul and make me close my eyes and dream within the sound and feeling of music. I own about 600 CDs, 160 LPs and 1500 albums in WAV and Flac format.

I love all kinds of music, with my favorite being, classical music, 70’s progressive rock, new age and jazz.
Music is lice a rainbow. It has so many beautiful colors that is a pity to have only one for favorite!

Panos jointed ACA on June 2013.

Nottingham-Anlogue-InterspaClearaudio-Aurum-Alpha-MKIIMarantz-CD-6000-OSE-LimitedLuxman-SQ-38UAdamopoulos Front-endAudio-Physics

Meeting at Panagiotis Adamopoulos' (December 2013)

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