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George Chatziminas

Giorgos Hatziminas
Hatziminas G System
CD TransportYpsilon CDT-100
D/A ConverterYpsilon DAC-100
PreamplifierYpsilon PST-100 MKII
AmplifiersYpsilon SET-100 ΜΚΙΙΙ monoblocks
SpeakersGKF Exclusive
external modified crossovers
CablesAlexis copper 2 (interconnects)
Alexis copper 1(speakers)
Alexis copper (power)
RackAlexis custom
Environment48m2 (6x8x2.8)

George owns a successful motorbike parts company. He is the treasurer of ACA.

I met George more than a decade ago when his high end struggle was with a pair of Zingali speakers, he was part of the club but more of an outsider when it came to his personality. His strong sense of what was right and wrong was very rigid and he voiced his opinion to anyone he wanted to. As the years went by and the systems and music endlessly never stopped coming and going, the perception of his own self grew as his systems did.

George has come a long way and his ability to listen and accept others views of music preference and style of listening but has also made his system into an amazing, and I mean, amazing setup. I am amazed, and mean amazed every time I go to his home, and trust me, it is often. You would think that after a while you would get used to it, but in this case, it is the opposite. I seriously do not know how it can get better than today’s setup, but I enjoy watching George just thinking about it.

George jointed ACA on September 1999.

Ypsilon CDT - 100Ypsilon PST-100 MKIIHatziminas G rackGKF ExluciveYpsilon SET - 100 ΜΚΙΙΙHatziminas G system-pers

Meeting at George Chatziminas' (Octomber 2018)
Meeting at George Chatziminas' (March 2011)
Meeting at George Chatziminas' (February 2006)

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