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Antonis Koniotakis

Koniotakis Antonis
TurntableSME 30/12
SME V12 (arm)
Koetsu Jade (cart)
Graham B-44 Phantom (arm)
EMT JSD 5G (cartridge)
Acoustic Signature One
Kuzma stogi ref (arm)
Koetsu Blue Lace Onyx (cart)
Horning Anthracite Master Reference Sati
Thales Simplicity (arm)
Koetsu Blue Lace Onyx (cart)
Kuzma 4 point (arm)
Micro-Benz Ebenus LP (cart)
Digital SourceAudio Aero Capitole Mk II
PreamplifiersEMT JPA66 (line+phono)
Lamm L2 reference (line)
Lamm LP2 (phono)
AmplifiersGryphon, Mephisto Solo (monoblocks)
SpeakersRockport, Altair
Interconnect CablesNirvana SX
Speakers CablesNirvana SX
Power CablesNirvana + Acoustic revive
ConditionerEqui-tech 3KVA
RackSRA Scuttle3
Daras audiodesign
Record CleanerAudio desk ultrasonic
Environment50m2 (5.8x8.5x3.2)

Antonis is a Dentist from Heraklion Crete.

Coming from a family with special love for music (my grandfather was famous violonist, my mother and my sister also plays violin and I used to play guitar & harmonica when I was in university), I fell in love with music, at an early age. I remember myself playing 45rpm records ever since I was 5 and later on, I always had various jigs to listen to music.

My love for music guided me to construct a special room, devoted to that. At early 2003, the well known acoustic engineer Mr. Takis Heliotis, gave me the possibility - opportunity to have a full acoustic treatment in my room, by RPG components.

I am mainly a vinyl fan and I don't believe to the reproduction of natural sound as it is in life, or nature. I like the reproduction systems that let the music to flow, flawlessly and effortlessly, with balance, good dimensionality and musicality simultaneously and to leave me with an emotional involvement to the musical event.

I love every kind of music played by good performers whose feelings of what they are playing, let me get involved in the event. That's why I prefer listening, close to the speakers, "to be in" the scene, usually at normal listening levels.

Other things that I love to do : My job (I studied dentistry and work as an orthodontist), photography, philosophy - psychology - introspectional Astrology and exploring travels with motorcycle.

Antonis jointed ACA on September 2012

SME 30-12 + SME V12KRONOS-AUDIOAcoustic-Signature-analogue-oneRockport AltairEMT-JPA-66Koniotakis-system-01Gryphon-Mephisto SoloRockport-AltairHorning-AnthraciKronos-Graham-EMT frontSME-30-12-SME-V-KoetsuKronos-Graham-EMTKronos-Graham-EMT frontEMT-JPA66Koniotakis-system-rack

Visit at Antonis Koniotakis' (August 2014)
Meeting at Antonis Koniotakis' (August 2013)

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