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Christos Kantarelis

Christos Kantarelis
Analog SourceTranscriptors Hydraulic Ref
SME 3009 series II+Ortofon 2M
Digital SourceMicromega Microdrive
D/A ConverterMicromega Microdac
TunerQuad FM3
PreamplifiersDensen DP drive (phono)
Amplifiers TubeAUDION STERLING Anniversary
Heathkit W-5M (monoblocks)
Amplifiers SolidQuad 303
SpeakersTANNOY GRF TW Prestige
ST200 supertweeter
CablesDNM (interconnects)
DNM solid (speakers)
Custom copper (power)
RackCustom made
Environment30m2 (6x5x2.9)

Christos lived in England for 10 years 1976 -1986. He studied for 5 years and received a B.Sc. in Electroacoustics Engineering and an M.Phil in Sound and vibration and worked in the industry in various contracts, until his return to Greece in 1986.

He is the technical director of the digital terrestrial television platform in Greece (DIGEA).

"In 1979, I was introduced to Tannoys dual concentric loudspeakers. To me, this was a shock experience. I bought my first pair , a 10" dual concentric called 'Little Red Monito'r in 1980. Since then, I only listen to Tannoy loudspeakers various types but all dual concentric. Many times I have tried to listen other types but always I go back to the Tannoys. My next search was the amplification. For almost ten years I listen to almost any available transistor amplifier in the market. Then I moved to valves. Some of the equipment that I enjoyed were: a pair of Quicksilver mono’s, Conard johnson MV55 and a pair of Klimo Kent. But the second shock came to me when I first listen to triode amplification... If I list the amplifiers I have fed with this poor Tannoy after that, you will have a heart fealure... Densen, Accuphase, Audion Golden Night, Perraux, Jadis... just to list some of them!"

Cristos jointed ACA on July 2000.

Transcriptors Hydraulic RefMicromega Microdrive-MicrodacMicromega Microdrive-Microdac Quad tunerTANNOY GRF TW PrestigeAUDION STERLING AnniversaryHeathkit W-5M

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