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Alón Sagee

Alón Sagee USA
Alon Sagee USA system
Analog SourceTownshend Audio Rock 7
Townshend Audio Excalibur 3+
Ortofon Cadenza Bronze
Alphason Sonata
Alphason HR100-MCS+
Madrigal Carneigie One
Digital SourceMacbook Pro
D/A ConverterMicromega MyDAC
PreamplifiersVAC Signature IIa line
VAC MC/MM with Bob’s Devices SUT
Amplifier TubeVAC Phi 200 Monoblocs
Amplifier SolidElectron Kinetics Eagle 2A
SpeakersTheil Audio CS 3.7
Speakers SubREL Sub-Bass System Twin
CablesSpeltz Audio Level 3 IC (interconnects)
Paul Speltz Level 3 IC (phono)
Speltz Audio Level 3
Speltz Audio Level 3 (power)
RackSalamander S40
Power ElectricalPurePower AC Regenerators
Environment30m2 (6x5x2.5)

My life as an audiophile is dedicated to bringing musical events to life in my living room.

I love attending good concerts, but often find that sometimes the sound is marred by the amplification and control equipment being used or a sound-man who doesn’t know what he is doing.

When at home, listening to music on my system with my eyes closed can transport me to the recording event without leaving the house. Everything disappears except the performers and music.

I listen to analogue LPs for any critical or focused listening and use my digital system for background music or home theater. The 2-Channel tube analogue system is completely separate from the digital system.

If it’s of any interest, I wrote a one-page memoir of my early audiophile life called “Learning to Listen.” It’s published on Positive Feedback Online:
Learning to Listen

Alón jointed ACA on September 2014.

Alón Sagee SystemAlón Sagee System1Alón Sagee System2

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