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Shodhan Trivedi

Analog SourceTW Acustic, Raven AC-3
Kuzma 4Point+Shelter 9000
Dynavector 507II+Dynavector XV1S
Kuzma, XL2
Kuzma 4Point+Shelter 9000
Triplanar VIIu+ZYX Universe II
Digital SourceDrobo-based Digital server
DA ConverterEMM Labs, DAC2X USB DAC
SACD playerEsoteric, K-03
PreamplifiersAbbingdon, PH-77 Phono stage
Manley, Steelhead Phono stage
Pass Labs, XP-30 Line stage
Amplifiers tubeVAC, Φ200
Amplifiers SolidLamm, M1.2 Reference
SpeakersMagico, Q3
CablesCrystal cable (phono)
Furutech AG12 (phono)
Furutech (digital)
Purist Audio Design, Aqueous (power)
Purist Audio Design, Aqueous (interconnects)
Purist Audio Design, Aqueous (speakers)
RackCustom aluminium & Maple shelves
Environment35m2 (5 X 7 X 3)

Shodhan is from Canada and he is an Investment Manager.

Here the comets he made for himself…

I am a passionate Audiophile and have been all of my life . With grown Children, I have been able to find the time in the last 10 years to really pursue getting close to my desired sonic solution.

I am very eclectic in my musical tastes but have the greatest affinity for Blues , early Jazz and Female acoustics. In terms of musical presentation, I have a love for the nearfield/close-miked type of sound and even though I have multiple systems, that is a form of audio performance that I have a great attraction for.

Although I am not indifferent to the differences between analog and digital systems, I have adopted a more real-world attitude to music. There are terrible sounding LP’s and great CD’s . I am more focused upon the performance and the quality of reproduction irrespective of medium.

In addition, because of my chosen musical preferences – often analog media are simply not available. When I have a choice, I prefer analog/vinyl by a significant margin and have invested both my money and a great deal of time optimizing that aspect of my system. Nevertheless, I have also committed resources to my digital collection and to understanding new and improved forms of digital reproduction such as DSD , SACD and High-Resolution downloads.

Membership of the Greater Toronto Audiophile Association has enormously helped me both by introducing me to like-minded individuals as well as their respective talents and aptitudes in different areas. Some have wonderful ears, some are articulate about speaker placement for example. Others still are enormous resource-bases for new and interesting music.

Shodhan jointed ACA, on April 2013.

Kuzma-XL2TW Acustic Raven AC-3TW Raven AC-3Shodhan rackShodhan-1Magico Q3

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