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Scott M. Rifkin

Scott Rifkin
Analog SourceMcIntosh MT10
McIntosh Ebony body
Digital SourceMcIntosh MVP 881
D/A ConverterHeadRoom Balanced Max
PreamplifiersMcIntosh Labs MX 135
Room Correction UnitMcIntosh Labs MEN 220
Amplifiers SolidMcIntosh MC1.2KWs
monoblocks (four pieces)
McIntosh Labs MC 501 (center)
SpeakersCerwin Vega D9s (four pieces)
Cerwin Vega CMX 214s
(four pieces)
STAX Headphone AmpsSRM 007T, SRM 007TA, SRA 12S, SRM1Mk2
STAX HeadphonesSR007, Sigma Pro, Sigma Non Pro, 4070, Lambda Pro
CablesMonster Cable (interconnects)
Anti Cable
PS Audio Power Cables (power)
RackAdona Corp Sigature
(Components rack)
Adona Corp Reference
(Amplifier Stands)
Power ElectricalPS Audio Power Plant Premiers-Two
EnvironmentApproximately 700 Sq Feet with the addition of acoustic blanketing and padding to reduce sound spillage

Scott is a bachelor's and a Master’s degree holder, graduated from Queens College of New York

See his comets about himself…

“I am recently retired and have always been a music/audio addict. I am the founding member of a group called The Exploration Project and play guitars and keyboards I have a cool guitar collection and a home studio as well as many relics of the 1960.

I am 59 years old and have been retired for three years. I am totally enjoying my retirement in every way. I am about freedom and music. Now, at this point in my life, I am not about obligation and responsibility; although I do take responsibility for what I have done in this world and I don't break any laws.

I am single and loving it.

I am the founding member of the musical group The Exploration Project in which I play a ten string double neck guitar and some synthesizers.

I am not a follower; but choose to do my own thing and figure out this world for myself. I am a music and sound addict. It is my passion and at times takes on more of a priority than anything else in my life. “

Scott is a music and Hi end audio lover and also a very good friend of the Audiophile Club of Athens.

He is serving as ACA’s Hi end show's reporter from USA

Scott jointed ACA on December 2011.

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