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22 Feb 2020: Vagelis Issichopoulos


By Manos Bitsakakis

Monthly Meeting ACA at Vagelis Issichopoulos

On Saturday 22 February 2020 the monthly meeting of the club took place at the place of our friend Vangelis Isichopoulos.

Vangelis has recently moved to a new place and of course he has set up the system with great care and attention, as much as a live home room allows.

Vangelis is an architect but also a professional in the field of hifi business and a connoisseur of the subject..
In that manner, he has formed his system around interesting machines of his own and also of personal constructions, such as the separate racks that bear the name of the company Racks Audio Design.

The 'meaning of calm' describes nothing but the atmosphere we meet every time on Vangelis' place. Nice company, beautiful and interesting music choices, well-set machines, a well-kept space and all this leading to a nice and enjoyable sound and a beautiful warm friendly atmosphere...


But, in this particular meeting, Vangelis had an internal 'competitor' who tried in every way to approach the quality of the machines and the sound, who finally totally succeeded the goal, giving us hi-end delicious trips... this 'competitor' as most of us understood, was no other but the hostess Katerina, who offered us many delicacies and appetizers, so that the delight of our palate could complement the acoustic and musical pleasure...

Τhe music program...

1. Tony Joe White: Home made ice cream Track: Takin' the midnight train (LP)
2. Melody Gardot: My one and only thrill Track: Your heart is black as night (CD)
3. Jacques Lousier trio: PLAYS BACH Track:pastorale in C minor (CD)
4. Loreena Mckennitt: The wind that shakes the barley Track: same titled (LP)
5. NARCOS: Soundtrack from Netflix original series (LP)
6. BELA BARTOK: Concerto for orchestra Track: Intermezzo interrotto (Cond Zoltan Kocsis-Hungaroton) Classic hybrid SACD

The Sound...

In terms of sound now, the auditions took place in two sets, with the system performing strictly, musically and favorably... with dynamism, imaging, tunes and analysis all present in a tied and homogeneous result, without any element of the above to be superior or to compete with someone else... and in fact this happened in both formats listening to, analog and digital... this is a highly enjoyable and musical system...

Overall, the entire system was apocalyptic and fruitful, fun, endearing, sincere and tantalizing to the senses.
Great work Vagelis...

The Audio System…

TurntableVyger Baltic M
SME 312(arm)
Phasetech P1 (cartridge)
Nordost Valhala (Phono Cable)
Digital sourceAyon CD-5S
TunerDenon TU S10
PreamplifiersAyon Spheris (preamp+phono)
Tube AmplifiersAyon Epsilon KT150 (monoblocks)
SpeakersEggleston works Andra III
CablesAyon (interconnect)
Atlas asimi OCC (interconnect) Atlas asimi OCC (speakers)
Ayon(Gold+Silver dragon) (power)
DHLABS (power)
Power conditionerNexus power station Biwire2
RackRacks Audio Design
(Custom made of Corian)



With all the above, the evening rolled well and calm, the nice company with the usual discussions on musical and technical issues peaked, the appetizers and the wine completed the conversations and the music... this meeting, with the beautiful musical spots in our hearings and sweet flavors on the taste palate, will be well remembered for a long time... Vangelis and Katerina thank you very much!!


  • MEETING 22 FEB 2020 ISIHOP Vid 01
  • MEETING 22 FEB 2020 ISIHOP Vid 02
  • MEETING 22 FEB 2020 ISIHOP Vid 03
  • MEETING 22 FEB 2020 ISIHOP Vid 04

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