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20 Apr 2019: Yannis Kotsidis


By Kyriakos Kougioumtzoglou & Manos Bitsakakis

Monthly Meeting ACA at Yannis Kotsidis

There always been people who deserve to be loved or not to be loved by the others.. many of us belonging into that particular pool.. But there are also some people, fewer in did, that always succeed with their personality, their character and the sense of humor, with their speaking the goodness and the distinct talent, that inspire other people just and only to love them.. One of those men is our friend and club member Yannis.. I do not believe there is a man who does not love or does not admire Yannis..

Yannis lives in Thessaloniki with his family and like all of us he is a hi-end fanatic.. He used to listen to tube system and analog gear, but recently has turned into the modern way, that means Class-D amplification, sound card, room equalization-correction and digital files.. But despite of this, he always has stuffed his listening room with valuable and glorious sounding vinyl records waiting to be played and enjoyed..


The bad news is that Yannis lives really far away from the 'central' core of the most of the ACA club members, so unfortunately and practically it is very difficult to visit him often.. But wherever that happens, it means not only a fantastic journey but also a high level of music, food and wine and mainly friendship satisfaction.. and this meeting surely was not an exception..

Yannis has recently completed a major upgrade to his listening system.. starting from the gigantic Audio Solutions Rhapsody 200 speakers, driven by 2x ClassD monoblocks Hypex NCore Special Edition ft NC400.. even if that speakers have deep enough bass and sufficient bass drivers, Yannis (advised by some audio enthusiasts friends) has add 2x Troels Gravesen 26w active 10' plus 12' passive radiator sub boxes, bypassing speakers bass section.. This addition enriches the room sound with a deep and well controlled bass response..


The brain of the system is not a pre-amplifier as usually, but a Metric Halo Lio 8 with the latest 3D upgrad plus phono.. Room equalization-correction and digital speakers networking have been applied to the system using card's software after measurements done by Yannis friends mentioned above, who, according to the results, have done a good job regarding the whole system performance and tuning..

And how all of this new staff sounds?? In few words gorgeous, dynamic and detailed without lacking musicality.. We all really enjoyed that sound partnered along with influenced and joyful Yannis music selections.. the fully digital environment with also digital processing, equalization and subs added, even if we looked at it suspiciously in the beginning, it succeeds to become a great enjoyment music combo and also a gentle performer and musical preventative..

The System..

  • Turntable
    Acoustic Solid Machine - Rega RB 250
  • Phono cartridge
    Koetsu Rosewood Platimum Signature
  • Reel 2 Reel
    Revox B99 mk2
  • Digital Source (Transport)
    Bluenote Stibbert tube
  • Pre/Sound Processor/DAC
    Metric Halo Lio 8 3D upgraded & phono
  • Digital Source
    Macbook Pro & Amarra
  • Amplifiers :
    ClassD monoblocks Hypex NCore Special Edition ft NC400
  • Speakers
    Audio Solutions Rhapsody 200
  • Subwoofers
    2x Troels Gravesen 26w active 10' & 12' passive radiator
  • Cables
    DIY Silver/Copper - Straight Wire Argento (Interconnects) -**Belden digital coaxial** (phono) - Wireworld Supernova 6(digital) - DIY Silver/Copper (speakers)**


The audition, the sound & the program..

Despite the dynamic and powerful character of the system, Yannis musical preferences and likes are laying in the cool side of old and modern music.. We listened to ethnic and blues tracks, Jazz and pop music, we listened to rock and blues and also Greek tracks.. That system had the unique ability to bring all alive and also give the real music character of every one particular track, by a real world presentation of the recording 'as is' without adding or cutting..

Sitting in the 'sweet-spot' place we earned a good 'scene dimensions' feeling, plus a deep and controlled bass.. but also a timbre realness of the acoustic instruments like lute and flute.. a very important parameter of the reproduced music is the harmonics of the basic tone frequency, especially in piano and cymbals, here everything was in harmony with the room.. all those things make us consider that system as a 'monitor musical partner' and an easy-to-listen and comfortable too..

Analyzing my above writings someone can wonder, is that system, or another such a philosophy system the best system?? The answer is obvious and absolute NO.. living room environment is not the ideal place to breath a hi-end system.. the everyday useful and decorative items ring and cling.. and someone cannot modify the place where the whole family lives.. BUT disregarding those things this system is a winner having the ability to play music program correctly and additionally to entertain and give the happiness and the joy of the good music!!


1 to 22 excellent selected musical selections we listened at Yannis

  • Dhafer Youssef / Humankind (Sounds of Mirrors)
  • Elvis Presley / Fever (Elvis is Back)
  • Nynke Laverman / Vida Triste (Sielesalt)
  • Lyn Stanley / Sway (London Calling)
  • Shelby Lynne / Just A Little Lovin' (Just A Little Lovin)
  • Tom Waits / Red Shoes By The Drugstore (Blue Valentine)
  • The Marsalis Family / Saint James Infirmary (A Jazz Celebration Live)
  • Dhafer Youssef / Fly Shadow Fly (Diwan of Beauty and Odd)
  • Eric Clapton / Tears In Heaven (Unplugged)
  • Patricia Barber / Constantinople (Modern Cool)
  • Eagles / Hotel California (Hell Freezes Over)
  • Anouar Brahem / The Astounding Eyes Of Rita (The Astounding Eyes Of Rita)
  • Beth Hart / Caught Out In The Rain (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)
  • A.R.Rabman / Mumbai theme tune (Cafe del Mar 5)
  • Alkinoos Ioannidis / O Proskinitis
  • Nils Lofgren / Keith don't go (Acoustic Live)
  • Led Zeppelin / Whole Lotta Love (Celebration Day, Live, London, December 2007)
  • Dimitra Galani / Sta kitrina fota (Genous Thilikou)
  • Alexiou-Malamas / Princess (Live at Licabetus theater)
  • Dead can Dance / Yulunga
  • Tania Tsanaklidou / Gyftaki (Mama I'm geting old)
  • Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny / Waltz for Ruth (Beyond the Missouri Sky)


Club meeting at Yannis Thessaloniki gave us the chance to make a long distance trip to meet our friend and other friends having common likes in hi-end sound.. as every time we met each other discussing, eating, joking, drinking, enjoying and listening good music in a good system.. but in addition that trip reminded to all of us our school age and the hi-school journeys, assisting us to escape from the every day's routine.. Even been few of us presents, we really enjoyed that trip, that system and that meeting.. and all this due to a really beloved friend, 'North side Johnny'!! Yannis thank you so much for the invitation, the music, the wine, the beer, the company..



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