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14 Oct 2017: Christos Kantarelis


By Manos Bitsakakis

Monthly Meeting ACA at Christos Kantarelis

There are many schools that someone can follow about how to build up an advanced 2 channel audio system.. Even if those ‘schools’ aren’t located in specific places, even if their ‘teachers’ aren’t equipped with special diplomas, even if many of the terms and the methods are ‘subjective’ in those so called Hi-End schools, they do have much influence on audiophiles..


Audiophiles on the other side follow the ideas of those schools or acting their own personal way... Christos is a follower of the school saying that ‘Tannoy speakers are of the best in the globe'.. If you want to have nice sound just grab a pair of those beauties and play music’... that theory doesn’t seem to me so wrong...

Christos except of his adoring to Tannoys, has a different way to choose the music he listens to... every music source containing good music is the well where he draws music from.. Internet stations, YouTube, Mp3’s, everything is in the reproduction list... at last good music is good music, wherever it comes from!!!

The System...

  • Loudspeakers : Tannoy GRF TW
  • Analog Source : Linn LP12 Valhalla
  • Tonearm : Ortofon AS212
  • Cartridge : Clearaudio Aurum Beta S
  • Preamp : Marantz 1040 as a preamp
  • Amplifier Solid : SAE 3100 (2X 50 W)
  • Amplifier Tube : DIY single ended el34 (7 WPC)
  • Cd drive : Samsung blue ray DVD
  • DAC : DIY zero oversampling
  • Speaker cables : DNM
  • Line cables : nothing special
  • Rack : Custom made

The music starts…

1. Maria Rita-Caminho das águas,
From the album SEGUNDO on CD format

Caminho das águas - Maria Rita

2. Charles Mingus-Good bye pork pie hat
From the album Mingus Ah Umon on CD format

Charles Mingus - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

3. Sonny Rollins-You don’t know what love is
From the album Saxophone Colossus (1956) on CD format

You don't know what love is - Sonny Rollins

4. Miles Davis Quintet - It Never Entered My Mind
From the album Workin' with Miles Davis Quintet (1956) on vinyl

Miles Davis Quintet - It Never Entered My Mind

5. Nina Simone - Do I Move You
From the album Nina Simone Sings the Blues on vinyl

Nina Simone - Do I Move You (Audio)

6. Jeff Buckley-Lilac wine
From the album Grace on CD format

Jeff Buckley - "Lilac Wine"

7. Daniel Barenboim-Mi Buenos Aires Querido
From the album Tangos Among Friends on CD format


8. Gustav Mahler-Symphony No1 4th movement
From the album Mahler Symphony No1, Chicago Symphony Orcastra on vinyl

Gustav Mahler - Symphony No.1 in D major "Titan" - IV, Stürmisch bewegt/Energisch

9. Maria Callas-Don carlos, tu che le vanita
From the album Covent Garden 1962 on DVD format

maria callas verdi don carlo "tu che le vanita"

Everyone in the club likes Christos and his music selections... We all know that every time we visit his wonderful and friendly place we will here great music…

We have made joy, we have been emotional and we have even dance in Christos place with his selections… So that particular night we listen to classical, rock, jazz, opera, vocal music so exceptionally selected by our host…


Big Tannoys fulfilled the place with rich and musical sounds enjoyably auditioned by all of us who were expected one piece after the other to come..

And all this accompanied with excellent food and fine wine, thanks to Christos beloved wife...


Ending up

I will remember well that night, I will remember music, company and discussions with friends, I will remember excellent looking and sounding Tannoys, I will remember everything of that exceptional night at Christos place… We all thank Christos and his wife for that...

Thank you Christos for the wonderful evening...

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