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10 Dec 2016: Vagelis Issichopoulos


By Kyriakos Kougioumtzoglou

Monthly Meeting ACA at Vagelis Issichopoulos

IF ANYTHING then we can simply say that being a friend and a fellow member of ACA for so long, we get to know the people around us over a very long period of time. The essence of soul and character and most of all, his strengths towards our hobby.

This ACA member has three points which differ him from other suppliers in the audiophile world though and here we will simply touch upon them momentarily.

the rolling stones brown sugar

Vangelis to all is a very serious contender in the local market here in Greece, he is educated and is an architect, a very knowledgeable, multicultural personality, which is so deep that the blue skies over the Aegean and the depths of the Pacific would have enough space to hold what energy he has inside himself despite the fact that he does not show it the first few years you know him.

Musically, which is what we care about, the list below will show you what we heard on this night that the ACA members were together, but for some reason I cannot help but listen to The Rolling Stones, which I share with you here, the first being above, the second coming soon.

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want (lyrics)

It's not that he expects more or needs more in life, its that he sees others that need and want and tries to persuade them that the road taken might not be the most fulfilling life choices, and musical sources as well. His maturity is as healthy as his drive to get the best possible from any machine and he spends endless hours trying to recreate the musical haven he so sincerely desires.

Rolling Stones- Sympathy for the Devil Lyrics

Self explanatory of Vangelis. Or at least I feel this way about him.
Now about the evening.


This Saturday December 10th being the monthly meeting of ACA we were able to find ourselves in the premises of our good friend and member of ACA, Vangelis Issichopoulos.

As mentioned before, Vangelis is a successful story in anything he does, but, of all things, he also owns a designs/manufactures audio racks, the Racks Audio-Design. To top that off he distributes in our country a superior blend of audio equipment.

I am sure he also does a myriad of other things which I do not know in his free time other than listening to music.
He is well known for his ability to always create very nice system setups...

In all previous meetings Vangelis welcomed us to his home, but this time he chose to make the meeting on his business premises. I am sure it was not because of the sound, but because of space, since he knew most of the club would be coming and he would need two homes to keep us all in.

As it was my first time in this space I couldn't hold myself back, and i had to observe everything...
A nice office-studio, with a great predominance of wood which is quite appropriate for an architect-decorator as Vangelis is.


The Audio System…

Speakers: Eggleston works The NINE
Amplifier: Ayon Triton II.
CD Player: Ayon CD 1sx
Analog player: VYGER TIMOR /RB 300
Phono cartridge: PHASETECH P3
Phono stage: CHORD
Power Conditioner: Richard Gray
Rack: Audiodesign

The audio system was on one side of the room and on the other end we're the office and a meeting area. The tracks were heard are the below but I will summarize as to give you the reader the essence of the extremely good high end quality he had in store for us.

The Tracks...


Yiorgos Psihoyios: “Mechanism” song: III
Rene Marie : “Vertigo”song: Them there eyes
Pink Floyd “The Wall”song: The happiest day of our Lives


Rob Wasserman: “Duets”with Jen. Warnes :Ballad of the run away horse
Zakir Hussain “Making music”song: Ομώνυμο
Franz Liszt : Hungarian Rhapsody 2-Stokowski
Sonny Boy Williamson “keep it to ourselves” song: The sky is crying
Tchaikovsky “Romeo & Juliet” Overture

As you can see, from Pink Floyd to Greek music, from Liszt, and from Tchaikovsky to “Vertigo” we were delighted to hear total blackness, 3 dimensional superior soundstaging, articulation, even and correct notes throughout the range and even more so was the fact that it was never tiring at any level played.

There was nothing I could say negative, but only positive about the sound system and the play list he had for us this evening. The cross cultural attitude of his personality shows in his music and how he sets up a system to differentiate all instruments and voices as to re-create the imaging the producer had in mind when creating these pieces of music.

The amount of work that was put into the system was evident from the perfect positioning of the speakers and the entire system as it sat there when it was not fed with pure and unadulterated music, and the reproduction was MUSIC TO OUR EARS...sorry for the expression but it simply was so in this case in “The sky is crying” and it’s amazing moment, not just in sheer speed but in rhythm which the entire stereo brought forward. Music like this can either show you elements of a weak system, or seriously damage your vision of the artist if not played correctly, and I am very happy to say that in this case, it passed with spades.

In conclusion

Overall, as the owner, the entire system was apocalyptic and fruitful, fun, endearing, sincere and tantalizing to the senses.
Great work Vagelis, and thank you for having us over.


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