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15 Oct 2016: George Toufexis


By Tony Pothitos

Monthly Meeting ACA at George Toufexis

George Toufexis has been a host for ACA for close to 20 years.
In this presentation many things have changed.
Speakers, wires, cartridges, turntables, but the one thing that has remained the same is the infatuation that George seemingly never loses touch of – his new Dynavector on his orbit turntable has just been side-tracked.
And thus we could not hear the 308 Carry and the audio net with the Macintosh amplifier. The silk audio speakers, from the experience, I knew that they couldn’t not be driven from the specific amplifier.

The 8-inch woofer shooting downwards needs at least another one hundred watts per channel. Thus, I didn’t expect to hear the deep bass with depth of 3-dimension musical reproduction.


The actual size of the speaker ‘footprint’ is quite small. Yet in the midst the piano and instrumentation has very precise depth and most of all, never a protruding note from its tweeters could be noticed. The unnatural PCM high pitches simply did not exist while the transparency was like a thirty-year-old bottle of Whisky.

3-dimensional spatial setting in most of the music we heard, despite the fact we were listening to a digital recording, was very respectable. The cymbals were sweet and at the same time, staccato.

The size and the positioning of the reproduction of the sound was never too high nor too low, with the only setback being that the volume level couldn’t be elevated as to hear the cymbals striking notes.


The Tracks...


Blow up- Isao Suzuki Trio
The Way We Were- Hamlish/ Yamamoto Trio
How Long Blues- Jeany&Jimmy Cheatham
Married To The Blues- Shemekia Copeland
Black Magic Woman- Rebbeca Pigeon
Third Round- Manu Cache


Let It Be Me - Petula Clark
The Change - Tony Joe White
My Kind Of Woman - Tony Joe White
A Night In The Life Of A Fox Swamp - Tony Joe White
I' d Rather Go Blind - Beth Hart / Joe Bonamassa
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know - Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa
Black Magic Woman - Peter Green
Waiting / Santana & Evil Ways

Aquamarine although played a thousand times over at every show from Frankfurt to the CES in Las Vegas can never bore a listener, and like children watching cartoon again and again, we can never have enough. The bass was sweet and tasteful despite the low wattage mentioned above for the driver.

The Three Blind Mice with Muddy Waters with a piano been played and accompanied by Yamamoto, seemed not only smooth but transparent and musical. Yet, both extreme of the spectrum could not been experienced because of aforementioned problem.

I did quite enjoy the DACs quality which did not allow piercing highs and fluctuating lows.

When George put the song Let It Be me by Petula Clark it was both melodic and never tiring despite the sopranos seventh octave ability.

During the next few pieces, the trumpets and saxophone’s made perfect sense. The speakers were quick and rhythmically correct, with the trumpets telling the tales of love and essence of life.

The raunchy voice of the artist was simply not expected with the turntable using the Denon 103 cartridge at our disposal.

When Tom Whites was realised by the entire system, it was a pure delight in the way that the system played coherently and was well-matched other than the power mentioned above.

When George played Santana Evil Ways, I could not help but remember the way it played on various systems, including my own.

And despite this, it always sounded musical no matter where you played it from. Lou Reed was next.

And if it were not for the neighbours, we could have partied until the morning.

In conclusion

On behalf of the president of ACA, and of everyone who was lucky enough to be there, we whole-heartedly thank our host for his insatiable drive and love for the true sound of music, and the search to acquire it.

I cannot wait to be invited again.


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