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23 Apr 2016: Panagiotis Adamopoulos


By Manos Bitsakakis

Monthly Meeting ACA Panagiotis Adamopoulos, 23 April 2016

The Meeting / The System

On April 23/2016 another interesting ACA club meeting were up, hosted by club member Panos Adamopoulos...

Panos except of being a professional Sheff, is also a music and technology fan been involved for a long in digital music reproduction, plus most of the times using his own hi-tech Audio Dedicated PC built and tuned by his own...

Panos has set up a very interesting system based on Audio Physic Scorpio II speakers and the excellent integrated amplifier Pass INT-30A... the source, as used in modern times, is a hi-tech audio dedicated PC with Jriver software, Mytek Brooklyn DAC and some teras of music, including all the formats from red book PCM to DSD & DXD files...

Analog setup has been temporarily removed, probably due to the little and adorable son of Panos... the system is hosted in a medium sized living room with not any kind of room treatment...

The music / The audition

Panos had selected and played nice atmospheric music from the Greek and international era, From Ethnic to Rock and from New Age to Lounge...

Beautiful tunes with traveling and relaxing mood, this is one of the lineaments of the club meetings... every member trying not only to present his system and sound but also to involve in his presentation his point of viewing the music... that is the main meaning of club meetings along with the ability for the members to meet each other having interesting discussion and friendly atmosphere..


The point / The surprise

The Very nice and interesting meeting were completed with the presentation of the new streaming format of Meridian, the “MQA” by Panos friend Petros (also club friend)... Panos and Petros had both organized pretty well the event, so the presentation was a pleasant surprise with everything going well as been scheduled...

Of course, been audiophiles, the attraction of a comparison were a must, so a blind and also an open comparison were done between MQA and pure files with very interesting results, that means many of us (me first) were tricked by voting “better” the MQA files... The event was successfully done due to the Mytek’s “Brooklyn” Dac, an advanced audio tool which supports the reproduction of MQA files decoding..


We, all club members are thankful to Panos for the beautiful evening, for the audition of a good system and nice music, for the nice handmade food, for his kindness and hospitality and for letting us (along with Petros) to come in touch with a brand new musical function, the “MQA” streaming...


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