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24 Oct 2015: Petros Kefalas


By Panos Adamopoulos

Monthly Meeting ACA Petros Kefalas 24 October 2015

Petros and Passion...

After the summer and a period of nice and warm weather this afternoon was real cold and we gathered in the warm and welcome place of Petros Kefalas.

He is a classic audio enthusiast with concerns that doesn't stop to evolve his system.

He belongs in the popular category of SET addicted people. Oh yes!

He is suffering of love for SET and when you get to know him better you will realize that he has found his place of happiness in the glass tube!

Well he emits a kinda mysticism when he talks in depth about SETs. Although he is a single ended lover he also owns and class D. Open minded, that means.

The afternoon...

Well, by chance, I arrived early this evening and I had some extra time with Petros to walk around his set ups.

He is an opened minded owner of two worlds systems. One is based on a digital source driven by SETs with two ways electro-dynamic speakers and the other is an analog based system driven by SETs with rear horn loaded speakers.

Although we listened to both of them, the in depth listening was made with the second system.

The system and the session...

This is my happy part of writing! As I foretold Petros has two wonderful systems for which I d' love to right many lines for each one but this time I'm doing my writing for the one we listened altogether. The session took place in Petros's dedicated room.


It was a nice warm well decorated space of excellent taste, which also had acoustic care in some key points thus giving the advantage of creating great listening conditions that were proved in action while the system was playing. But before I go on lets see the system...

The Sound System…

Analog Source : Bauer Audio DPS Turntable, Michel Technoarm arm with Ortofon Blue MM cartridge
Digital Source : Cayin, CD 17
Phono Preamplifier : CI AUDIO
Power amplifiers : Audion Golden Knight 300B SETs Monoblock power amplifiers with volume knobs on each one
Speakers : Horning, Agathon Ultimate
Cables : DIY, copper foil (all)

I often hear in discussions among us about the holy grail of single ended topology.

I am still in the search of absolute as it has to do with my personal audio beliefs, but what we listened in Petros audio room room was surely a proof of SET's charismas.

The sound of his system is so organic that music flows towards the listener. The Agathons create a real big sound field in which each recording unfolds freely all of its characteristics.


The atmosphere, the little nuances here and there, the musical expression in terms of emotion and even all these come out within the Agathons because of their high sensivity and efficiency creating a great much to the exceptional Audion 300B Monoblocks.

This great result of course is not based only on the amps & speakers but also to Petros's great analog set up. Thιs October meeting was undoubtedly a great audio experience and a wonderful ACA gathering.

The Music Program...

1. Ravel Tzigane Decca L.O.S.R. (LP)
2. Getz / Gilberto - Grande Amor Verve (45rpm Vinyl)
3. Duke Ellington - Good Evening / Duke Ellington Indigos LP
4. Ella Fitzerald - Here Comes Charlie Verve (LP)
5. Ray Charles - Move to the Outskirts of Town Impulse LP
6. Dire Straits - You & Your Friends LP
7. Gounod - Faust, Funeral March of a Marionette R.O.H.C.G. RCA Victor / Living Stereo LP

The Ending...

The meeting went on after the listening session and music gave its place to discussion and opinion exchange in the wonderful atmosphere of Petros and his wife hospitality.

We thank them by heart!


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