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30 Jan 2016: Theodoros Kantzavelos


By Tony Pothitos

Monthly Meeting ACA at Theodoros Kantzavelos

Theodor’s does not only make the best carbohydrates in town, but even has a sound system on his oversized and very intimidating Harley Davidson he so much cares for.

The last time we needed a passport to come to an ACA member’s house was again when we came to the same house we are in today.

I cannot imagine living in this wonderful area despite the fact that it is endowed with so much fruit and leaves it turns a hot summer day into a peaceful and in fact cool summer evening.


This time though it is January, and it is cold, the cars needed heating and we were hungry for some the traditional new year’s cake our host tonight has so gratefully offered us for so many years in a row, and in doing so, creating his own tradition here in ACA!

But seriously, I actually won the good luck charm for the year 2016 and I was happier than a pig in mud this time around, so if nothing else, it was a double whammy tonight. Both music and I winning was a perfect match.

Now let’s get to the music...

The blending and teething problems of the past gave light to the succeeding musical power which tied together with the rock and roll played this evening, as well as everything else chosen, was relentlessly piercing our souls while taking us back to an era of our lives where we had forgotten we had lived.

In other words, turning back the clock via music and its proper reproduction is not a virtue everyone can do successfully, as most have tried and triumphantly continue to find the solution which was obviously what we were listening to tonight.


It could have been the TT, who’s culture is by far in every microelement of every note played, or it could be the Mark Levinson whose current did not dilute the vocals, or it might as well been the pre which simply did not MODIFY the elements and brought forward an honest sound with rich bass, even mids and highs which did not hurt, even at very loud sound pressure levels.

Was it worth the drive? It surely was, and when next year hits, I will be the first one to go to the house and live this very rare recipe of delight alone, before anyone comes in to celebrate the new year here at ACA.

The Audio System…

Last time around, the left speaker, if I remember correctly, had a small problem.

The tweeter, if I recall, or some type of teething glitch left his system without the perfect sound. This evening was different.

Tonight everything fired up on time and was ready to grit its teeth at anyone who dare say that Mark Levinson and Linn’s with a touch of Nakamichi, isn’t a delight when connected to a pair of JBL speakers.

Surely, what was, and what is tonight was a far cry from each other.

The Ending...

I must thank the President and the host for a lovely evening, fantastic gifts, to the winner of the charm/coin in the every year tradition of cutting the best new year cake in Athens, and lastly to bless this home and our members with a kiss of joy and happiness for 2016.


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